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Crystal label printer, crystal label making equipment, crystal label UV printing AB transfer film

Dayou Smart Manager Liu brought the basic common sense of authoritative crystal label. The crystal label printer is an ordinary 6090UV printer, but it is very popular in crystal label production recently, so it is called a crystal label printer. An ordinary UV printer with varnish printing function can be used. Create crystal labels that you can stick on various materials. At present, there are three types of crystal label craftsmanship in the main market:

First, the traditional screen printing glue process, after screen printing glue on the release film, and then laminating the film with a laminating machine, the effect of crystal labeling can be achieved. Advantages, high ink density, better adhesion, shortcomings, high cost, troublesome process, and plate making.
Second, the UV printer prints the glue, prints the glue on the release film through the UV printer, then prints the color pattern on the surface of the glue, and then uses the laminator to cover the film. The advantage is good adhesion, the disadvantage is that the nozzle life of printing glue is short, and the cost is very high to replace one nozzle a week.

Third, use the AB film that has been coated with glue on the release paper, and the A film is coated with glue. Only an ordinary UV printer can print the color pattern and color white varnish, and then use the laminating machine to apply the B film With the attachment, the crystal label can be produced. The advantages are low cost and good adhesion. It can be produced with a UV printer. The disadvantages are that the cost of the film is higher than that of the film without glue.

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