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Placer UV medal texture map download, sand gold UV medal printing method, 6090UV medal printer

How can I print out the sand gold medals with a UV printer? The standard for UV sand gold medals is that it can print coarse sand and fine sand, and the sand should have a bumpy feel and look shiny. At present, there are many manufacturers who know that UV printers can print sand gold medals, but they are completely mastered in the process. There are very few independent manufacturers in terms of design, and even more manufacturers do not have high-definition galleries. Instead, download galleries online to print medals. Not high-definition galleries can't get high-definition sand gold effects at all. Here are some of our placer gold medal printing galleries. :

Here, Manager Liu of Shenzhen Dayou Intelligent Company will share with you the basic process and method skills of UV printing sand gold medals and the requirements for 6090UV printers.

First, the UV sand gold medal is a gallery first, which requires a very high-definition CDR format bitmap, and each sand is drawn manually.

Second, the configuration of 6090UV printer requires three nozzles, if it is an industrial nozzle, Toshiba 9060 needs at least four nozzles. There must be a nozzle for printing varnish.

Third, the printing process, only a 6090UV printer that can print varnish function is still not able to print the sand gold medals well, and it needs craftsmanship and details.

For more information, please consult Dayou Smart Manager Liu to provide you with a free download of high-definition sand bottom printing pattern library.

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