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How can I make the UV flatbed printer print on bamboo fiberboard without fading?

With the maturity of the UV flatbed color printing market, more and more industries use UV flatbed printers to print color patterns on various boards. From the previous mobile phone cases, electronic products such as charging treasures are now slowly extended to the home improvement wall outdoors. Large-format applications such as advertising, the application process of UV color printing is constantly in addition to the market demand, the most important thing is that the Toshiba nozzle UV printer produced by Shenzhen UV flatbed printer manufacturers is more and more mature and stable, unlike the previous weak solvent plate. The era and Epson original head change UV printer and the just out of the Seiko nozzle UV printer in addition to the use of ink nozzles easily block the problem, there are many structural aspects of UV printers have many technical bottlenecks, then UV plane color printing developed to today's ink Mature, market-matched board maturity, maturity of accessories and maturity of all aspects of technology, so the stability of Toshiba nozzle UV printer is no problem. However, UV printing is inkjet printing after all. Adhesion has always been the end point of concern for customers in various industries, and it has been pursuing ink solutions with better adhesion.

Recently, on the market, the adhesion problems of customers are concerned. Many companies make a fuss about this. They can promote a treatment plan that can be scraped with a blade. They also share video to customers in various industries. In fact, they are facing the adhesion UV printer. The manufacturer believes that the current treatment of adhesion on the market is two methods, the material of the small format is first coated, the processing of different materials and the composition of the coating are certainly different, such as how much temperature the glass needs. Baking, PP material needs to be treated twice. If the coating is not applied, the varnish can be printed on the surface of the pattern or the varnish can be used to increase the adhesion. These methods are actually convenient for small-format processing, but if it is a large-format material like integrated board background wall and glass background wall, if the spray layer treatment and over-oil treatment are inconvenient, it also increases the cost. Therefore, in order to make the UV flat-panel printer resistant to knife scraping on bamboo fiberboard and large-format glass, it is unrealistic to use the current processing technology. The online promotion of the knife-scratch pattern is not fake, and the Shenzhen UV flatbed printer manufacturer is currently Still feel that the use of good quality UV lamps and quality of the ink, the adhesion to large-format UV printing will be much better! For more information on adhesion, please contact Shenzhen UV printer manufacturer Liu Sheng 13691790915 (WeChat)
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