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UV printers encounter common problems and solutions in production

Problem 1: When the picture is broken, the square breaks the ink, or when the print head is in a state of wavy dislocation,
      Solution: 1. The grating is a bit dirty. Use a cotton swab to wipe the grating up and down with water. After washing several times, wipe the water with a dry cotton swab.

                       2. Since the surface of the nozzle is not solidified or blocked on the surface for a long time, it is necessary to test the nozzle back and forth on the clean cloth with cleaning droplets. Solve the problem with a force of about 150g.

Question 2: Do not recognize ink.
      Solution: The decryption card is released and needs to be reinserted, or the decryption card is damaged and needs to be replaced.
Question 3: The map is misplaced.
      1. The belt and the pulley are rubbed, and the pulley needs to be adjusted;
      2. The servo motor is damaged and the servo motor needs to be replaced.
      3. The copper ring is dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced.
Question 4: The nozzle does not emit ink.
      1. The car board is hot, and the machine needs to be shut down;
      2, the electric shock belt is damaged, need to replace the electric shock belt;
      3, the nozzle is blocked, need to wash the nozzle;
      4, the ink tube interface is blocked, you need to unplug several times to insert;
      5, the nozzle interference, interchange the position of the nozzle, use a paper towel pad between the nozzle and the electric shock belt, check back and forth which nozzle is the interference, replace the nozzle.
      6. If there are four nozzles at the same time, no ink will be emitted. If the ink is not discharged after the nozzle is removed, the board is damaged and needs to be replaced.
Question 5: No paper can be detected.
      1. The paper measuring instrument is dirty and needs to be scrubbed with a cotton swab.
      2. The paper measuring device is not installed and needs to be reinstalled.
      3. The paper detector is damaged and the paper detector needs to be replaced.
      4. The car board is damaged and needs to be replaced.
Question 6: The sideline of the drawing is inclined to one side.
      1. The servo motor is damaged and the servo motor needs to be replaced.
      2. The grating sensor becomes dirty and needs to be scrubbed with a cotton swab or water; or the grating sensor is damaged and needs to be replaced.
Question 7: When the car is turned on, the small frame hits the left frame.
      1. The grating sensor becomes dirty and needs to be cleaned.
      2. The grating sensor is damaged and needs to be replaced.
      3, the data line is not plugged in, you need to insert more than a few times.
Question 8: Frequent paper testing.
      1. The paper feed sensor is dirty and needs to be cleaned.
      2. The paper feed sensor is not plugged in, and it is not connected or in contact with the motherboard.
      3. The paper feed sensor is damaged and needs to be replaced.
Question 9: The nozzle drops ink when the picture is drawn.
      1. The air in the nozzle is not pumped out, so it needs to be pumped several times.
      2. The ink tube interface is not well matched and needs to be reinserted or replaced.
      3, the nozzle leaks, need to find out where the leak and then seal with glue.

      4. Industrial machine Toshiba or Ricoh nozzle UV printer is the ink circuit system leak check second. There is no ink infiltration next to the ink cartridge. If there is bleeding in the second stage, it is recommended to replace the secondary ink cartridge.

Question 10: The picture is blurred when drawing.
      Solution: Static interference (static safety voltage is within three volts)
Question 11: Regular ink breaks occur during the drawing.
      1. The car board is unstable.
      2. The position of the nozzle is incorrect.
Question 12: Common English errors.
      Solution: Internal ERROR shutdown Bad carriage paper sensor (the car board or the paper detector is not plugged in badly)
Other common problems with UV flatbed printers:
      1. The nozzle is not filmed: Since the user accidentally uses the film on the nozzle to smash, the ink cannot be ejected and cannot be used normally. The nozzle film is a technically difficult one in the maintenance of the nozzle, so many users find a maintenance manufacturer with a low level of technology, which not only damages the nozzle but also saves money. Some users have been unable to endure their hardships and directly replace the inkjet printers with other nozzles. The lesson is profound!
      2. The nozzle circuit burns out and the crystal is damaged: the flushing cleaning solution is normal, but some or all of the ink is not printed when printing.
      3, plug: light is the print test strip is normal, when the printing is about 1 meter, the ink is broken, and after the ink is stopped, the ink is printed normally, but this problem occurs repeatedly, and it is difficult for the ink to be inked and the ink is less. Or not ink.
      4, the ink and the nozzle do not match, resulting in plugging, broken ink, image illusion and so on.
      5, the external environmental factors: the temperature in the ink path of the nozzle (between 20-35 degrees, about 42 degrees of UV ink), humidity, dust and other factors interfere.
      6, software data and transmission: the nozzle voltage is unstable, the motor data size is not equal, the two-way is not aligned.
      These problems are common problems that may occur during the use of the machine. If there are problems, don't worry, you can check them one by one according to the method described above. When you can't solve it, find a manufacturer or UV printer repair expert as soon as possible to solve your problems.

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