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The UV ejector printer automatically measures the height of the mechanical thimble not automatically down, sometimes it does not go up

In the use of Toshiba uv flatbed printer, it will inevitably encounter some minor problems. Some problems have appeared before and some unknown problems have appeared recently, and there are some sudden problems. Today, Xiaobian on Toshiba UV slab The main reason why the printer height measuring device sometimes fails. Recently, some customers who use Ricoh tablet or Toshiba uv flatbed printer, after using for about two years, occasionally encounter the height measurement when the mechanical height measuring device cannot pop up. Sinking or sinking but after completing the height measurement and not shrinking back in place, in fact, these are very small problems, but it will also affect the normal use of the flatbed printer. The problem of handling the thimble jam of the UV flatbed printer only needs to be The telescopic part of the thimble is filled with oil, and the main cause of this problem is that it has not been oiled for a long time and has no lubrication.

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