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Is it good to use a steel beam on the structural beam of the UV flat panel printer on the market?

Shenzhen UV flatbed printer manufacturers have more production of Toshiba nozzles and Ricoh nozzle UV printers. There are also very big differences in the structure of the machine. With the application of the market, many UV flatbed printer manufacturers have more selling points in UV printers. On the sheet metal appearance of the machine, the article is promoted and promoted. The beam of the machine is replaced by the original steel. The promotion features are basically the same material as the railway rails. The wear-resistant is not deformed. It is produced by the first high-precision gantry milling machine in China. Strong ability and permanent deformation, such as, in fact, we are the most professional manufacturer of Toshiba nozzle UV flatbed printers in Shenzhen. For the machine to make a fuss about the selling point, we still recommend that the cost is the most important factor in the stability of printers. Such as screw guide, ink path system, nozzle bottom plate accuracy, ink tube quality, servo motor brand LED lamp with no compressor, etc., many manufacturers like the machine such as 2513 to see the customer inside or do not understand The accessories are made of general quality, the appearance is made bigger, the nose is bigger, and the machine is bigger. Beam made long steel beam structure, etc.
The advantage of its practical steel beam is that it looks solid. The disadvantage is that the first is not muted, the second handling and transportation cost is high, and the third is because the Y-axis motor has a large load, it can be said that there is no advantage, and we use the quality of the light. The design of the aluminum beam is more silent, and the precision of the gantry milling is higher. For the motor, the load is smaller and it is more suitable for the UV flat panel printer moving beam. For more information about UV flatbed printer manufacturers, please contact Liu Sheng 13691790915 (WeChat)
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