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What to pay attention to during the process of switching on and off the UV flatbed printer

The proportion of UV printers on the market is gradually increasing, and there are many problems with uv flatbed printers under such demand. What is especially obvious is the damage of the UV flatbed printer caused by the operation of the UV printer. Which operations need to pay attention to during the use of the flatbed printer?
First, the switch machine
(1) It is best to turn on the light and turn on the computer to open the printing software.
(2) The valve of the secondary ink cartridge should be turned off before shutting down to prevent no negative pressure ink from dripping after shutdown. After shutdown, the residual ink on the surface of the nozzle should be wiped off with a lint-free cloth to prevent the ink from drying on the surface of the nozzle.
(3) Before turning off the power, you should first turn off the control switch of the UV lamp and the control switch of the suction fan to prevent the UV lamp and the suction fan from being activated at the same time.
(4) If the UV mercury lamp cannot be put into production immediately after turning on the light, there must be a period of lamp warm-up time. When the summer temperature is high, the warm-up time is short; when the winter temperature is low, the warm-up time is longer, and the warm-up time is longer. It takes about 2-3 minutes. If the UV machine has a strong and weak light device, it should be turned on in the strong light position, which can shorten the lamp warm-up time. If weak light is needed during production, it can be adjusted to the low light position after the warm-up is completed.
Second, the lamp maintenance
(1) The maximum service life of UV lamps is generally 800-1000 hours, and should be replaced after reaching the end of life.
(2) During the use of the UV lamp, clean the surface of the lamp tube and the reflector on the surface of the reflector with anhydrous ethanol and gauze at an appropriate time (1 to 2 months), and then rotate the UV lamp tube by 180 degrees. The lampshade reflector will be replaced after it has lost its mirror effect.
 (3) The maintenance of LED lights is mainly to see if there is cooling water in the water tank to prevent the water from burning out.

Third, UV lamp and speed adjustment relationship
(1) The best speed selection method: the product is first passed through the UV curing device at a certain speed. If it is solidified, the speed is increased until the product passing through the curing device can not be completely cured. The speed multiplied by 0.8 is the most Good speed.
(2) Also pay attention to the use time of the UV lamp. As the UV lamp is used for a long time, the energy will be attenuated and the speed will be slowed down.
Fourth, transformers, capacitors
(1) The incoming line of the transformer should be selected according to the voltage at the site.
(2) After the capacitor is used, it must be discharged if it is repaired, so as to avoid the capacitor discharge hurting people.
Five, ultraviolet
Ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes and skin. When turning on the light, please do not look directly at the surface of the tube with the eyes, and do not let the ultraviolet rays illuminate the skin.
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