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Ricoh UV flatbed printer how to quickly build white ink and Varnish channel tips

In recent years, with people's living standards increasing, the taste of home improvement is also getting higher and higher, personalized custom murals wallpaper market demand is growing, the last six months 9D crystal murals printing equipment highly respected market.

But how to quickly build white ink and varnish channel also plagued many users, often 3-4 hours can not make a picture, the following will share with you how to quickly build white ink and varnish channel in the PS tips, I hope Everybody helps.
In Photoshop (hereinafter referred to as PS) need to open the picture printing (preferably CMYK mode),
The following figure as an example. The establishment of channels, you can define the spot color (white, varnish), etc., we explain the white ink channel!
1. Open a picture.

2, select the layer 0, create a new layer 0 copies

3, select the 0 layer copy, click on the filter -> styling -> find the edge

4, then click the image -> adjust -> threshold, adjust the edge of the pattern can be adjusted

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