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Ricoh flatbed printer butterfly filter normal maintenance and maintenance

Toshiba uv flatbed printer does not need butterfly filter at present, so here is the butterfly filter of Ricoh flatbed printer. This is a relatively small accessory, but it is still very important to use. It is the last insurance card of the nozzle. The ink will be filtered from the inside of the ink cartridge and then flowed into the secondary ink cartridge and then into the butterfly filter from the secondary ink cartridge into the nozzle. Then the role of the butterfly filter is very important, and it is also a consumable item, which will become poorly filtered over time. It is necessary to replace the filter of the Ricoh flatbed printer.

The dish filter has an input and an output port at each end, regardless of the front and back. The way to install it is to tighten directly with a needle-nosed pliers. The main function is to filter the ink impurities.

The dish filter is an indispensable device for conveying uv ink pipes. It is usually installed under the nozzle main board and links the secondary ink cartridges and nozzle parts at the bottom. When the dish filter has the filter cartridge of the filter, its impurities are blocked. When it is necessary to clean, the detachable filter cartridge can be taken out and refilled after processing, so that the maintenance is extremely convenient.

Correct use and maintenance of the dish filter:

1. The core part of the dish filter is a filter element. The filter element is made up of special materials, which are suitable parts and need special protection.

2. When the dish filter works for a period of time, the filter element blocks a certain amount of impurities. At this time, the pressure drop increases, the flow rate will decrease, and the impurities in the filter should be removed in time, and the filter element should be cleaned at the same time;

Third, when removing impurities, pay special attention to the precision filter element, and must not be deformed or damaged. Otherwise, the filter element installed again will not meet the design requirements after filtration.

Fourth, the dish filter filter can not be used repeatedly;

5. If the filter element is found to be deformed or damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately.

When choosing a dish filter, consider the following:

1. The filtering accuracy should meet the predetermined requirements.

2. It can maintain sufficient flow capacity for a long time.

3. The filter element has sufficient strength and is not damaged by the action of hydraulic pressure.

4. The filter element has good corrosion resistance and can work continuously at the specified temperature.

5. The filter element is easy to clean or replace.

The above is the Shenzhen UV flatbed printer manufacturer Dayou smart printing to give you the agent UV flat screen filter maintenance effect.

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