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Mercy does not bring the soldier, righteousness does not raise money, the situation does not stand, the leader is not cruel, the staff is not strong!

"Mercy is not a soldier, love is not a thing", this is the ancient people's famous military motto.
As the sun tzu said, "it is too thick to make love, it cannot be ordered, it cannot be ruled, it is not to be used."
This is not said to the men to dark black, it is key, said that must not be missed the event, because of the woman's soft nature so-called find one thousand days, fighting at that time, the place of the "a", the commander in chief war has a will of iron and steel general and determination necessary to command, can't softhearted and broke the big picture.
Stores like the battlefield; In the market, the same demand - "mercy, no money, no money, no matter!"
1. The leader who has strict requirements on you is the good leader who can truly help you grow, and the pain will make me strong!
2. Any strong company will not give their subordinates security, and in the most brutal way, they will inspire everyone to become stronger and stronger.
3. Any company that tries to provide security for its subordinates will be destroyed, because the stronger people will lose their Wolf in the gentle environment.
4. Any company that tries to force employees to develop their employees' potential will be promoted, because in this environment, it will either become a Wolf or be eaten by wolves!
5. The company that does not give employees a sense of security actually gives a real sense of security, because they are forced out of their strength and forced out their growth, so they have a future!
6. If you really love your subordinates, examine him, ask him, high demands, high goals, high standards, force him to grow up!
7. If you are in love, low goal, low requirement, low standard raises a flock of sheep, old oil, small white rabbit. This is the biggest irresponsible to subordinates! Because it only encourages willfulness, jealousy, and laziness.
Perception: let your subordinates grow up because of you, have the right outlook on life, values, and have perfect character. To keep the staff growing is to lead the greatest love to subordinates!
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