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The problems and solutions in the UV coating process and the solution of UV plate printer technology

Troubleshooting and troubleshooting of drenching machine
Curtain coating machine, coating equipment, shower curtain machine is for setting wall ceramic tile, bamboo bamboo fiber, bamboo floor, PVC gusset plate, furniture such as stage face plate above lacquer surface profile and changing color and professional design and production, uniform coating surface level off, without transverse stripe, coated with manual regulation between wheel and conveyor belt, can be arbitrary adjust spacing, according to the thickness of the material accurate easy to operate, with separate dc speed regulating motor, adjust speed, makes the paint thickness and surface roughness is higher, and easier to control. The polished surface of the film is smooth and full, and there are no piles.
Uneven thickness of coating, the coating surface is pitting, coating surface has a small round hole, the paint film surface has the tiny bubbles and hearing the coating is not stable, film, coating film is "orange peel", the phenomenon such as uneven DuDu of paint film burnish. In view of these problems, we analyze from the aspects of performance phenomena, causes and treatments, and hope to solve the problems you encounter in your work.
(a) uv spray paint film is not uniform
Performance: the amount of coating on the left and right sides of the workpiece is uneven
Analyze the causes
1. Inconsistency between the left and right sides of the drenching machine
2. Wear of the curtain knife or block of miscellaneous living things
3. The drenching temperature has not reached stable and even
4. The top and left of the drenching machine are inconsistent
5. The stage of the drenching machine is uneven.
Suggested approach
1. Adjust the edge of the knife to match the left and right edge.
2. Cut down the cutting edge of the knife to grind and remove the miscellaneous living things, and strengthen the filtration ability in the drenching drum.
3. The paint circulating pump of the spray paint can be heated and filtered (pre-heating, filtering for at least 5 to 8 hours).
4. Adjust the lifting screw of the drenching curtain to match the left and right sides of the knife.
5. Adjust the support of the drenching machine table for four angles
(2) there is little pitting on the surface of the lacquer film
Performance: there is a little pitting on the surface of the lacquer film
Analyze the causes
1. The UV light oil formula or storage temperature is too high, storage time too long, leak ultraviolet light irradiation
2. Start precuring, resulting in small particles of gelatine
3. Small shavings, sawdust, dust pollution paint film, dust removal.
Suggested approach
1. UV light oil with proper formulation and stable performance.
2. High temperature and strong uv radiation on the floor storage, storage time should not exceed 3 months.
3. Try to clean the environment around the paint line and remove dust from the workshop, production line and board.
(3) there are small bubbles and pinholes in the surface of the lacquer film
Performance: there are small bubbles and pinholes in the surface of the lacquer film
Analyze the causes
1. The anti-bubble performance of UV coating machine is poor.
2. The first seal is filled with insufficient pores, leaving small gaps in the air through hot paint, solidifying machine and leveling machine.
3. The small bubble is solidified in the paint film, forming small bubbles and small points; Large bubbles are heated to explode into pinholes or circular pits.
4. The oil tank buffer device is not enough, the paint velocity will be bubbling
5. The height between the curtain head and the work plane is too high
6. The oil groove of the drenching machine is too low for oil paint, and the paint is directly bubbling
Suggestions for treatment:
1. Choose the foam oil tank with the anti-foam good.
2. The first filling cover must be fully sealed and not left with small gaps.
3. Try to avoid the paint, curing machine to work under high temperature, lead to the substrate temperature is too high (not more than 60 ℃), make the air escape.
4. The drenching head is about 10cm from the workbench
5. Reduce the distance between drenching head and work, and reduce the height difference between oil tank and oil tank
(4) circular small pits with varying sizes of paint films
Manifestations: circular small pits with varying degrees of surface distribution
Analysis causes:
Light oil itself is not compatible.
2. Light oil mixed into incompatible objects, such as oil, etc.
3. The surface of the workpiece is contaminated and not clean.
Suggestions for treatment:
1. Choose compatible UV light oil.
2. Avoid being mixed with oil, water and other incompatible things.
3. Thoroughly remove dust and avoid contamination of other substances, such as solvents
(5) unsteady and rupture of paint
Manifestation: the phenomenon of irregular tearing of lacquer curtain
Analyze the causes
1. The oil formulation is improper, the annual is too low, the paint temperature is too high, the curtain tension becomes smaller.
2. The gap between the drenching knife is too small, and the tension is reduced to the end leading to the rupture of the membrane.
3. The edge of the blade is blocked by pollutants (filter failure) paint is contaminated and the filter is invalid
Suggested approach
1. Choose proper formula, small viscosity, and low temperature of varnish.
2. Adjust blade clearance to proper position.
3. Remove the blade and filter the Internet clutter and restore function.
4. Remove contaminants and restore filter function.
(6) the lacquer film is "orange peel"
Performance: the appearance of "orange peel wrinkles" appeared in the paint film
Analyze the causes
1. The machining accuracy of the workpiece plate is poor and the sand light is incomplete.
2. Bending deformation of the workpiece is uneven and uneven. It is not easy to get the entire surface sand to be painted.
3. Inadequate bottom coating.
4. The coating has large viscosity and poor level.
5. The paint heating has not reached even and stable.
6. The coating thickness is too thick to flow easily.
Suggested approach
1. Select the qualified workpiece plate and re-sand the smooth.
2. Remove deformation and uneven serious workpieces.
3. Increase the base coat (including sanding and curing) 1 ~ 2.
4. Choose UV spray paint with small viscosity and good leveling.
5. Extend the heating and circulation time to make the viscosity uniform and stable.
6. The paint thickness is controlled at 90-100g/m2.
(7) the UV spray finish is not uniform
Performance: uneven luster of the same block or other floor
Analyze the causes
1. The polish powder and super - wear powder are not even.
2. The amount of light oil is not uniform.
3. The flow flat is not sufficient and the paint is unevenly solidified
Suggested approach
1. Stir well.
2. Control the amount of light oil and uniform.

3. Lengthen the flow time and control the uniform speed of light oil solidification.

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