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Is the ink smell of the uv flat print toxic? Solve the odor problem of uv printing

In the actual production, the UV flatbed printer adopts a closed dust-free workshop for customers with relatively high production requirements. This will cause a large smell in the process of UV printing. Because the space is relatively closed, the smell cannot be emitted. Some customers use low-cost UV inks, so the smell will be more intense.

There are four reasons for the odor during UV printing:
First, the LED ultraviolet curing lamp will produce a slight ozone during the irradiation, this taste is relatively light, and the amount is small, generally can not smell;
Second, the substrates of different materials are affected by the environment, will crack out the relevant chemical substances, produce a pungent odor; this taste is relatively light, and the amount is small, generally can not smell;
Third, the UV ink product itself contains a certain odor and will produce some odor after curing, or it will react chemically with the substrate itself to produce odor.
Fourth, some users will add some additives and other auxiliary materials in the actual printing of the uv flatbed printer according to the requirements of their own products, which may cause irritating odor.
Solving the odor problem of uv printing can be achieved in three ways:
1. Use the original imported uv ink provided by the manufacturer, adopt environmentally friendly green ink, and do not contain chemical substances such as voc;
2, add odorant and other ingredients in the uv ink, this need to be carried out under the guidance of the manufacturer to avoid blocking the nozzle and ink path;
3, uv ink printed pattern, need to be placed in the ventilated place for more than 12 hours, can remove odor.
It is worth noting that the odor itself will evaporate quickly, and will not stay on the surface of the substrate for a long time. The operator only needs to keep the distance from the printing platform of the uv flatbed printer at a distance of more than 2 meters. Generally, the ink odor can be avoided. Stimulation.

In short, uv ink has an odor, usually normal, and will not be toxic; the ink is corrosive, try not to touch the skin, and the skin may be allergic to tenderness;    wHATSAPP:+13691780915

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