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Features of Ceramic Tile Inkjet Products and Features of UV Inkjet Printing Technology

Ceramic tile floor tile is one of the main functions of the decoration, the current industry trends, the constant pursuit of natural ceramic tile, personalized decorative effect, and when we buy tiles, UV inkjet printing technology often heard, is in line with visual characteristics, spray The fineness of ink printing products and high-resolution pictures and not much difference, and traditional technology products will receive the specifications of the restrictions, and UV inkjet printing tile products What are the characteristics? What is the characteristic of UV inkjet printing technology?
First, the characteristics of UV inkjet printing products
1, high pattern resolution, vivid images
UV inkjet printer technology in the field of electronic control, ink use, mechanical design, digital design and other fields of advanced technology in one of the fields, the technology in ceramic tile products can make the product resolution from ordinary technology 72DPI increased to 360DPI, such as Popular pixels that side of the existing roller printing effect from 240 million pixels to 1200 pixels, fully enhanced the clarity of the ceramic products.
Traditional printing methods, after the color separation of the screen pattern is usually non-overlapping, that is, each color is a separate color, relying on the deployment of the printing color of the printing plate, to achieve the color level of the pattern. Inkjet printing without this restriction, any location can be mixed by the various colors of ink, digital technology to bring the positioning accuracy, that is, in the adjacent bits to achieve a large difference between the color mixing ratio to produce a clear color boundaries, you can press the pole Small color mixing ratio Product gradient filtering effect, this gradient includes color depth and color change.
When using 5-color or 6-color inks, the hue changes to bring the design closer to nature.
2. Can not see the printing tools printing.
Because UV inkjet printers do not touch the brick and no plate, so the surface can not see the fine prints, the product more natural.
3 kinds of
The use of UV inkjet printing technology to make a wide range of products, personalized products say an endless stream, giving designers greater design space.
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