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How to deal with broken ink during UV printing?

At present, UV flatbed printers have been used in many industries, but UV flatbed printers are prone to cable problems. This article will give you a detailed description of the causes and solutions of cable pulls.
Abnormal pull line:

 Auxiliary equipment abnormal line: refers to the line that lacks ink in the entire nozzle or between multiple consecutive ejection points.

Reasons and solutions: No ink jet on the head or insufficient ink supply of UV flatbed printer, or ink sticking on the head due to the negative pressure of the UV flatbed printer. But for this kind of cable, it is usually caused by the failure of the nozzle circuit board or the negative pressure pump and ink supply pump. Under normal circumstances, replace the corresponding circuit board and negative pressure pump. Of course, there is another way to increase the frequency of the ink supply pump and periodically change the filter to eliminate the abnormal properties of the auxiliary equipment.

Feather pull line:
Feathered pull line: This type of pull line is generally a solid line or white line arranged in an equally spaced direction along the direction of the print head. When printing the print head status chart, it can be observed that the splicing position overlaps, is spaced, or has poor feathering.
Reasons and solutions: You only need to check and adjust the belt to make the UV flatbed printer operate normally, and adjust the nozzle transfer position or feathering of the nozzles.
Plugging cable:
Plugged cable: This type of UV flatbed printer cable is generally a "white line" at a fixed position in a certain color channel. In severe cases, there will be multiple "white lines".
Appearance and solution: There are many reasons for the plugging point. For example, the operation mode and environmental factors will cause the pull-out line of the plugging point, the uv ink will shake the ink unevenly, and the process of adding the uv ink will bring some impurities. The cleaning nozzle is not standardized when wiping, so that the environmental dust adheres to the nozzle. When cleaning and maintaining the print head, use a sponge to remove other impurities such as dry ink or glaze powder.
When using a UV flatbed printer, users should pay more attention to observation and pay attention to daily cleaning to reduce the occurrence of cable problems. Even if it occurs, there is no need to worry. According to the above method, you can quickly solve it by yourself.

1.Simple printing steps
2.Very suitable for photo printing that requires color transition
3. Suitable for more professional applications in more remote industries
4, suitable for printing of multiple materials
5. Realistic printing effect The printer uses economical and high-quality fast-drying inks, saving customers operating costs.
6. Stable quality, no additional maintenance required. Precise design to prevent print head from clogging. Flexibly adjust the exact distance between print platform and print head for more accurate printing.
7. The flat color printing press is easy to operate. It is basically the same as a general color printing press, and can be learned in half a day after instruction, which is extremely simple.
8.Small occupied area
9. The machine is small and light, suitable for pattern making and small batch production, especially suitable for individual customization.

10. Small investment, high value-added profit and return Easy operation, easy completion of high-efficiency print orders Digital print shops The best solution to increase business scope and improve market competitiveness.

* Infrared height sensor: Automatically detects the print height and effectively protects the print head
* White color is the same: intelligent RIP technology, support white color printing at the same time
* White jump printing function: improve work efficiency and save printing time
* Switching between Chinese and English on the operation panel: simple, convenient and fast operation
* Automatic cleaning function: can effectively clean the print head and keep the print head unblocked
* Support wireless printing
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