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How to distinguish whether to meet the inspection standards when buying a UV printer (technical articles)

Here is a Toshiba 9060 small industrial UV flatbed printer as an example. Epson Ricoh UV flatbed printer is also used:

Print a 900 * 600MM rectangular wire frame. The tape measure is diagonal. The error cannot exceed 1mm. The diagonal error is too large. It proves that the printed picture is not a square but a trapezoid. The stitching picture will be misplaced and the picture is not clear.

2. The flatness standard of the adsorption platform is that the height error of the front, back, left, and right cannot exceed 1mm, which can be measured with a micrometer.

Problems caused by the unevenness of the platform: 1. Normally, the inkjet height of the nozzle cannot be higher than 3mm. When the uneven position of the platform exceeds 3mm, the picture will be blurred, scattered ink, and flying ink. .

3. The printhead installation must be vertically aligned. The printhead is not vertical before and after installation, the print precision will be lower, and the ink dots will become thicker.

4. Print a line frame with a width of one pixel, the size can be customized, and print 5 times in a row, the line will not be doubled, it will only be slightly thicker, and the color will be darker. (Picture) If ghosting occurs, it indicates that the reset position of the small car head is not allowed, and the mass production will be off-centered.

5. Print a line form. The color of the line includes YMCK 4 colors, and the grid space is 50mm. Normally, the printed line is completely black. If a certain line is out of color (picture), the same phenomenon will occur when printing the product ( With pictures)

6. Print a multi-color test chart, which is compared with the original computer image. According to the human senses, if the color deviation is too large, you can ask the technician to make a color curve again to correct the printed color.

7. Completely print a picture including YMCK four colors with a size of 2.44 meters * 1.22 meters. There is no device stall during the printing process, the printing is suddenly interrupted, and the ink is interrupted halfway. It means that the equipment circuit is normal, otherwise the machine is unstable, and such problems often occur in future use.
In short, I would like to remind you not to buy a second-hand tablet with no guarantee, because the second-hand tablet must be a phased-out device. The circuit and ink system are aging, and the manufacturer will not provide warranty. Quality, starting from the basics, cut off any problems that will appear during the assembly test, and check in detail whether each solder joint wiring screw is in place. Toshiba 9060 small industrial grade, using industrial Toshiba print head, simple maintenance, average service life of more than 5 years, small-scale production of color printing is the best choice. At present, it is rarely heard that Toshiba nozzles are damaged and the nozzles are sold. This is the reason for the long service life of Toshiba industrial heads. Low investment, stable, durable, worry-free, small tablet. We choose 9060. The multi-platform design supports printing of media with a thickness of 50 cm, supports cylinder printing, and supports high-jet toy printing. Free print samples are provided. Manager Liu 13691798915
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