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UV flatbed printer motherboard does not supply power solution

Today, a customer of Xiaobian encountered a sudden stop in the process of using the UV flatbed printer. Later, the main power of the machine was turned off and then the power was found on the motherboard. There was no display on the motherboard, but the suction platform and the water tank of the lamp were both It is in the working state and it is powered. After communicating with the engineer and judging that this situation is generally caused by the motherboard not being powered, then the motherboard has no power supply to find the power problem.

Exclusion method, first find the UV flatbed printer power supply to see if the power indicator light is on, if it is bright, check whether the wiring is loose and fast. If the indicator light is not on, then check the power input part of the UV flatbed printer and judge whether the fuse inside the power supply is burnt out. In short, the problem can be solved by eliminating the power supply problem.

These problems are common problems that may occur during the use of the machine. If there are problems, don't worry, you can check them one by one according to the method described above. When you can't solve it, find a manufacturer or UV printer repair expert as soon as possible to solve your problems.
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