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Uv flatbed printer with negative pressure and no negative pressure function difference

In the purchase and use of UV flatbed printers, it is often heard that the industrial nozzle UV printer is equipped with a negative pressure function and the Epson commercial nozzle UV printer does not have a negative pressure function. What is the difference between the negative pressure function and the negative pressure function? ?

In fact, the negative pressure stroke principle of the UV printer is to draw the air inside the negative pressure tank through the motor motor to form a vacuum state, and then connect the ink system of the negative pressure system to the UV printer to the nozzle, so that the aperture of the industrial nozzle is first It is said that with this negative pressure function, the ink in the nozzle of the UV flatbed printer does not drip with the gravity of the earth during work or standby. Instead, the piezoelectric pressure-generating ink inside the nozzle will be printed when it is normally printed.

The entire uv ink system of the uv flatbed printer is a very rigorous system. The cooperation of all the components has made the printed products excellent. It is mainly composed of the interconnected boxes, nozzles and adapters. An ink inlet tube and an ink discharge tube are respectively connected to the box body, and an ink inlet port and an ink overflow port are arranged at the upper end of the nozzle body, and an ink level gauge is arranged in the box body for controlling the ink in the box body to maintain a certain amount of ink. When the ink is less than the set value, it will alarm, and you need to add ink. A set of releasable check valves allows the nozzle and adapter to be under negative pressure. One end is connected to the coupling hole of the adapter, and the other end is connected to a suction line. When the ink in the nozzle and the ink discharge tube is attracted by the negative pressure air, the ink can maintain an equilibrium state that does not fall, and when the inkjet head is printed down, the ink can be automatically inked to achieve continuous printing. Function, UV flatbed printer negative pressure is the application of this principle.
Does the negative pressure need to be adjusted?
When the power is turned on, the negative pressure value will change. Generally, the negative pressure value will return to normal after the temperature of the nozzle is not changed. The lower the negative pressure negative value, the more ink is supplied, and it is easy to accumulate ink. The higher the negative pressure, the less ink is supplied, and the ink breaks easily. That is to say, the negative pressure of the nozzle will cause ink leakage, and the negative pressure will prevent the ink droplet from being ejected. The adjustment method is as follows: first, let the negative pressure value be lower, the ink will flow out from the nozzle, and then gradually increase the negative pressure value, the amount of ink flowing out from the nozzle will be reduced, and the ink is just in the nozzle, and there is no outflow. The negative pressure value is appropriate.
In short, the perfect work of the uv printer's negative pressure ink supply system can not affect our production efficiency; when we understand these principles, some of the problems related to inkjet breakout or dripping ink are very easy to handle.

In terms of Epson nozzles, Epson nozzles have less negative pressure on the market due to the fine nozzle nozzles, which has a lot to do with the Epson nozzle structure.

In short, the UV flatbed printer with negative pressure function will be easier to use and achieve the desired inkjet effect. Secondly, the negative pressure function can eliminate the need for manual ink extraction. The one-button ink control principle can easily achieve the effect of waste ink.

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