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uv flat panel printer manufacturers open huge benefits end of the year activities

Year after year, the traditional Chinese New Year festival is approaching. In order to better motivate employees to make the final stroke at the end of the year, Orson Technology has formulated a bonus plan for the end of the year to meet the requirements of the end-of-year sprint performance meeting in accordance with the general manager's meeting with the business department.

Company promises:
The end of the big promotion from now on Spring Festival holidays before the annual meeting, customers buy 2513UV flatbed printers and more models, the company promised to pack customer ink six months cost, that is, customers buy the machine, within six months do not have to buy ink, ink manufacturers have free provide.
Year-end big promotion, customers buy more models 2030UV flatbed printer, customers get rid of half a year to enjoy the free ink offer, you can also give a one-day tour of Hong Kong and Macao, the cost of all inclusive, and another complimentary million yuan a spree (including accessories, Clean cloth, hard disk, etc.)
Big end of the year, customers buy 1610UV flatbed printer company commitment to customers three months of ink usage costs. In addition, give a one-day tour of Hong Kong and Macao, the cost of full-time half a year effective.
     We provide free purchase of technology, technical training! Provided free of charge for the industry program, some of our equipment others, others do not have our own home, the machine model is complete, supporting equipment!
UV flatbed printer came into being, you can meet this demand of customers, the advantages of the performance focused on the following:
1, optional material rich, high precision, to give expression of change.
2, UV green ink color bright, outdoor UV resistance does not fade for at least 5 years.
3, reducing the process, delivery speed; can save labor links and reduce errors.
4, inkjet speed, mass production, to meet the tight schedule of the exhibition layout.
Investment Analysis
Shenzhen Orson Excellence Technology Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer specializing in the production of 11-year strength of the brand manufacturers. Printer output: 20m2 / h, cost: 31-46yuan / m2 (material cost 20-35yuan + printing cost 8yuan + artificial hydropower 3yuan), wholesale price: about 350yuan, retail price: 480 or so The price difference in various regions, the national average wholesale price)

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