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Epson UV flatbed printer nozzle easy plug cause? How to maintain the daily maintenance nozzle

Epson nozzle is used in the UV flatbed printer is the most headache for many customers, but also the most worried about the problem, mainly Epson nozzle life, in fact, as long as the application of UV ink plus UV printer design itself without any structural problems, basically Just pay attention to the maintenance details, a nozzle use a year is no problem at all. Orson Excellence tells you routine maintenance is very important, not only to reduce the trouble to maintain the nozzle, the most critical do not have to re-spend again to buy a nozzle, the following routine maintenance tips Note:
The machine does not need to shut down the basic, the machine has been opened flashing spray, so that ink can keep the flow has been smooth, UV printer power consumption is small, the hourly ink jet ink will not exceed 10ML, many of my friends is unknown So long as the machine stops working Shut down, wait until the boot nozzle state is bad and pumping ink, but not necessarily pumping out, you need to see your character UV ink is microscopic granular, as long as it is still for a period of time, the ink will be solidified curing nozzle It is easy to block, all must keep ink road smoothly

If the nozzle is a bit blocked, the first ink is not busy, the flash spray settings → frequency → transferred from 8 to 2K → 8 minutes after a tune back to 8.

When you open to 2K will obviously see the nozzle out of a large amount of ink out, so you can prevent the air inside and waste ink discharge

Tune back 8 and then print the test strip to see whether the state of nozzle (to remember to see whether flash flash open)

The state of the nozzle, a color off 3 small mouth is normal, if too many broken mouth is certainly not, which requires manual ink pumping However, our new Epson dual nozzle machine with a suction pad can also be automatically pumping ink exhaust air Ricoh Toshiba machines have negative pressure system can automatically ink)

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