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Hands-on teaching yourself how to color UV printer white color color is not allowed to do what?

Toshiba Ricoh uv printer color does not appear generally two reasons:
1, check whether the physical location of the nozzle arrangement error
2, check the settings, the general uv printer can set the color calibration.

Hands-on teaching you how to color yourself:
1. Up and down color is not allowed to shift vertical

2. Do not register the right or left color to the left or right (print direction decided to transfer left or right, if it is two-way printing direction will be about both tone

3. First increase the value of 10 and then print, if the printing distance after the color white color has been reduced by value, reduced to white color-based

4. The same column increase or decrease the value must be modified together, can not only modify one

5. Value need to increase or decrease 1-10, modify the value of too much easy to disorder

6. After using a good color or cell phone pen record, to facilitate the next numerical changes

7. Check the pulley, whether wear and tear, timely replacement

8. Check the location of the UV flatbed printer nozzle is accurate, if there is a slight deviation of the nozzle position you need to fine-tune the nozzle.

High-speed, high-precision, high-quality Rigaku G5, 3-head printheads deliver great productivity, rich color, and stunning 1440 × 1440 dpi resolution
4-color printing - C + M + Y + K
5-color printing - C M Y K + W
UV-curable ink that is free of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) is eco-friendly and odorless
The maximum output speed of 40 m 2 / hour
Precise and constant secondary cartridge ensures smooth ink supply during high-speed inkjet printing and ink-out of the printhead
Automatically detect the thickness of the media and set the height of the print head to print on media up to 100mm
The use of intelligent frequency converter automatically and accurately control the vacuum adsorption platform pressure and maintain stability to ensure that a variety of different sizes of print media can be securely adsorbed on the print platform
The nosepiece is equipped with a high-sensitivity crash sensor as if it were equipped with a "safety airbag" for the precision nozzle to ensure that the nozzle would not be damaged by accidental impact during printing
UV light automatic shutter system can be arbitrarily control the left and right UV lights on or off, and can choose different levels of exposure energy, so that in different types of materials on the screen to print the picture can get the perfect curing effect
White ink Main tank automatic mixing system to prevent the composition of special white ink Gradual precipitation at rest, to avoid white plug, to ensure high quality printing
"Dual ink" function automatically doubled the amount of print ink, perfect for the perfect back lighting effect
Automatic high-capacity ink system to ensure long-term non-stop printing, the remaining ink will automatically alarm, the operator can add ink at any time, without stop-down, will not affect the normal production process
With automatic nozzle cleaning function, the operator can clean the nozzle in the best condition
Provides powerful, comprehensive hardware inspection and calibration features such as nozzle status detection, nozzle position calibration, nozzle voltage adjustment, bidirectional print calibration, step calibration, etc.
White ink printing to achieve a variety of colored or transparent media printing Flexible white ink also applies to flexible hard materials can be set up to print a two layers, multi-layer mode (color and white can be combined as needed) to increase the convex printing effect.
Easy-to-use menu-driven control system makes it easier for operators to get started

Automatic nozzle cleaning system
To ensure the best print quality, Orsen Premier UV Flatbed Printer provides you with an easy-to-use automatic head cleaning system that allows the operator to clean the print head to the best condition without dirty hands.

Automatic UV lamp system
Each color laser printer has a UV light system equipped with an automatic shutter, according to the material used and the user can choose a different UV printing mode curing function, such as single or double lights, semi-files Or full range of power, at the same time, in a single lamp mode can also choose a different curing method.

Media positioning system
With X + Y two-way media positioning, media positioning to prevent the material easier to print edge to edge. , Enabling precise material positioning, thus ensuring "edge-to-edge" printing and repeat printing of images. At the same time loading operation more convenient and quick.

Automatic ink system
The Onsun Premium UV Flatbed Printer's high-volume inking system features an integrated and compact design and is equipped with an automatic mixing system to prevent sedimentation in the white ink main tank for white UV inks. Effectively prevent the precipitation of white ink nozzle blockage caused. When the amount of ink in the main tank is low, the sensitive ink level sensor will sense it and send a warning message to prompt the operator to add ink in time.

Base all-steel structure
Chassis all-steel structure, the whole weight of 0.8 tons, can greatly enhance the machine during high-speed movement, the stability of the machine. The workbench body is welded by tempering heat treatment, the whole processing side and the upper surface, Y-direction guide rail, ball screw mounted on the side of the frame body, the overall processing of the suction platform mounting surface, to ensure platform accuracy. And aging treatment (placed in natural conditions for 30 days until the natural deformation of the steel structure after the finishing process), to ensure that the platform and the chassis for a long time without deformation, to extend the service life and precision equipment.

High-performance Taiwan servo motor
Igus imported German towline X-axis imported from Germany towline, suitable for high-speed movement, can greatly reduce the harness wear and prolong the service life of the harness. Head collision avoidance system, because it can not exceed 100mm in a variety of media printing, And the flatness of the surface of a variety of materials are also different, once the operator forgets to forget to advance the equipment to detect the material height, it is most likely in the printing process nozzle hit the hard material damage and accident, and the collision avoidance system can avoid accidents happened.

Spray head collision avoidance system, due to the ability to print in a variety of media not exceeding 100mm, and the flatness of the surface of a variety of materials are also different, the operator is most likely to appear in the printing process if he forgets to forget the height of the material detection equipment Spray head hit the hard material damage and accident, and sprinkler collision avoidance system can avoid the accident.

Double screw drive system to ensure print accuracy, improve print quality, make the device more long-term use. Silent rail screw to ensure high-speed operation of equipment in the process, the noise in 40 dB or less, and the accuracy greatly improved.

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