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Is it suitable for young people to buy UV flatbed printers? Can the factory replace the screen printing with a UV printing process?

I often ask customers to write a small series. I am a college student who can use your Toshiba UV printer to see you have a wide range of promotional applications. My answer is of course ok, but as a college student, it is necessary to apply it to the surrounding consumer groups. In the application market, for example, joining a college student to buy and use as a background wall for advertising inkjet, it must be a business failure, because the students around you have not done advertising business and did not do TV background wall business, then college students affirmed Is to choose a small 9060 format for mobile phone shell personalized custom printing charging treasure printing clothing printing, so this is because the consumer group around you have this demand will naturally succeed in business.

So although UV printers are widely used, the most important thing to choose to buy in which industry is to consider which industry is suitable for your next peripheral market, Xiaobian first to take a look at the application range, UV flatbed printer, also known as stereo printing Machine 3D flatbed printer, which breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, realizes a true printing, no plate making, full color image printing once, and has many advantages over traditional printing technology. The original design and manufacture was mainly used for the printing of hard materials. It broke the limitation that inkjet technology can only print on soft materials. It is a major breakthrough in the history of inkjet technology, marking the entry of inkjet technology into multiple The birth of the field era. So what areas can UV flatbed printers be used in? Packaging industry: alcohol (paper packaging printing, wooden packaging printing, metal packaging printing, PVC, packaging and printing, leather packaging printing, plexiglass packaging printing, etc.). Decoration industry: background wall (tile wall, glass background wall, PVC gusset background wall, marble background wall, microcrystalline composite background wall, carved background wall) PVC gusset plate, PVC resin plate... the whole decoration The industry can be applied.

The original UV flatbed printer application industry so much? I feel like I missed a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities! Digital industry: mobile phone case, TPU mobile phone case, mobile phone case, notebook case, mobile power case, hard disk case, toy plastic case, set-top box case... clothing accessories: non-woven fabric, T-shirt, button, leather, Textiles, hangtags, etc. Crafts: clocks, stone paintings, marble paintings, wedding photos, bluestone paintings, textile crafts, wooden crafts, metal crafts, stone crafts, art crafts, ceramic crafts, crystal crafts, advertising crafts, plexiglass Crafts, folk traditional crafts, oil paintings, and traditional local products with local characteristics. Advertising industry: PVC card, plexiglass light box, KT board, PVC board, glass, signage, equipment operation panel, acrylic, PP board, PC board, badge, aluminum board, the entire advertising industry can be used.

The original UV flatbed printer application industry so much? I feel that there is nothing wrong with starting a UV printer! Glass industry: art glass, glass partition, glass sliding door, glass background wall, frosted glass, transparent glass, plexiglass, tempered glass, glass curtain wall... furniture building materials: ceramic tiles, ceramics, wall tiles, waist lines Bricks, ceilings, ceilings, glass sliding doors, traditional doors and windows, personalized furniture, polyester panels, pressure panels, plywood, screens, wallpapers, coffee tables, ashtrays, etc. Leather goods: leather, women's shoes, leather bags, handbags, travel bags, belts, etc. Stationery gifts: pen case, notebook, wave board, dot reading machine, CD, metal business card holder, various material bookmarks, toys, etc. Hardware and plastic: lighter, golf ball, silicone, digital photo frame, crystal, aluminum plate, metal plate, plastic products, tissue box, glasses frame, instrument panel, packaging box, toys, etc.
Footwear: women's shoes, EVA slippers, roller skates, shoe materials, printed shoes, leather printing, canvas shoes, hand-painted shoes, etc.
Electronic appliances: U disk, MP 3/ MP4/MP5 player, computer case, home appliance, air conditioner, washing machine, rice cooker, mobile phone, crystal mobile phone case, electronic components, etc.

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