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Toshiba 9060 print special Japanese imported material cork for print video display of puzzle

1: Toshiba CE4 series nozzles, suitable for concentrating cold light source LED-UV lamp curing ink, that is, dry and extend the life of the nozzle.

2: Adapt to any flat material. Low-density materials do not need to be sprayed separately to improve printing efficiency and improve printing results.

3: The minimum ink drop of the nozzle is 5PL, which can realize high-precision graphic output.

4: The most complete R&D technology system in the industry, which can provide special curves or realize customized printing equipment according to customer requirements.

Customer notice:

● A part of the picture and the printed sample are made by computer, and the sample picture is a real shot.

● Due to technical improvements, etc., the specifications, design, and dimensions of the equipment may be changed without notice.

●When you purchase a product, if you need to add additional accessories, it will generate other costs in addition to the product price.

● Inkjet printers use extremely fine dots to print, so the color may vary slightly as the printhead is replaced.

● Note that if you use multiple printer units, the color will change subtly due to individual printer differences.

Note -02 01 Media and ink considerations

●The physical properties (adhesion, weather resistance, etc.) of the ink vary depending on the medium, so be sure to test it beforehand.

●Depending on the application and material used, surface protection such as coating treatment or film coating may be required.

●When the speed printing mode is exceeded, the ink may not be fully cured (the original configuration provides high-power UV lamps)

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