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UV flat printing ink cost is how much money a square

Today Xiao Bian gave you an analysis of how the cost of the UV flatbed printer is calculated when printing on a flat panel, which is the cost of printing. The printing cost calculation of UV flatbed printing is definitely to consider the cost of ink, and the cost of nozzle loss depreciation, why should consider these two costs? First, the UV flatbed printer is mainly a large amount of work, generally a printhead can print The square is basically scrapped, followed by the number of squares that a bottle of ink can be painted. UV inks currently have mainly Taiwanese ink and domestically produced inks on the market. Domestically produced inks have a lower price point than Taiwan inks, but the consumption of the nozzles is much greater. The inks produced in Taiwan are not due to the soft material grinding process. The same as the production equipment more sophisticated, so the damage to the nozzle is smaller, the price point is also higher than the domestic ink.
I believe that many customers in the purchase of UV flatbed printers, with the manufacturer's sales staff consulted the issue of printing costs, and the print costs are also different, the low 5 yuan a square, high 15 yuan a square, The printing cost price is a few times different. I use the Taiwan ink used by our company Toshiba nozzles as an example to analyze the printing cost.
Daiyou Smart Toshiba UV Printer Cost Accounting Standard
Each liter of ink can print 50-80 square meters.
1, color ink costs: 5-8 yuan / m2 (full range printing, full color standard non-single color), color + white cost: 10-16 yuan / m2
(Note: The above plus color part adopts high-precision full-width printing capacity for normal production.)
2, print format: 1500mmX1000mm
3, printing process: computer graphics - put on the plate - printing - printing is completed (a computer, a machine, an employee without complicated process, without high operating costs, multi-color one-time Dry finish)
 Toshiba Certified Ink
Ink is certified by Toshiba manufacturer and does not contain any components that are detrimental to the print head. The print is smoother, the life of the print head is longer, the ink density is high, and the color gamut is wide. It has passed RoHS and SGS certification standards. Certified consumables accessories, all ink system accessories are certified by ink manufacturers, will not produce any chemical reaction during use.
 Product parameters
Color: Black (BK), Blue (CY), Red (MG), Yellow (YL), Light Blue (LC), Light Red (LM), White (W)
[Applicable models] Suitable for all UV flatbed printers
【Packing capacity】 500ml-1000ml
 The diameter of pigment particles in UV ink is less than 1 micron. It contains no volatile organic solvents, ultra-low viscosity, and no pungent odor. It can ensure that the ink does not clog the print head during jet printing, and the printing is smooth, ie, the jet is dry and the curing is fast. Rich color, luster, high saturation, strong sense of body production, superior color expression. It can be matched with various types of nozzle UV flatbed inkjet printer currently used in the market.
 UV ink instructions
1, stored in dark, cool conditions;
2. The storage period under the above conditions can exceed 1 year, of which the white ink retention period is 6 months.
3, after opening the sealed aluminum film should be careful not to allow dust and debris into;
4. When using the print head, it is recommended to use the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, or according to the "viscosity - temperature curve table" for the corresponding choice.
The above is a detailed analysis of the printing cost and ink. It is recommended that you use as much ink as possible when using a UV printer. Although the ink is expensive, the service life of the nozzle is longer and will increase the service life of the nozzle more than twice.
The uv flatbed printer can directly print designs, texts, LOGOs, etc. on any flat product of a material, ie, print and take. All colors, 3D effects, 5D effects, embossed effects, and glossy oil effects are printed at one time. The machine's printing effects and quality are at the highest level in the industry!
 Big Friends smart UV printer:
 Machine Models: 4060, 1610, 2513, 2030, Varnish
 Head configuration: Ricoh G4, Ricoh G5, Ricoh GH2220, Ricoh G5S
 Minimum print size: 450*500 mm, maximum print size: 2.0*3.3 meters More non-standard formats can be customized by customer service.
 Machine price: tens of thousands, more than ten thousand, two hundred thousand, thirty million! ! !
Uv flatbed printer for the industry:
Mobile phone shell, advertising, signage, processing, home improvement background wall, floor, furniture sliding door, ceiling ceiling, decorative materials, digital shell, charging treasure, U disk, packaging box, toys, handicrafts, lighters, shoe materials, luggage, decorative painting , oil painting, cosmetics, wine bottle box, panel, photo studio, photo frame, fishing tackle, home appliance shell panel, etc.


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