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I am very glad that you can see this article written on 23.21 on the evening of November 23, 2019. This article introduces the development history of UV printers and the psychological changes in the sales process of UV printers. The stability of UV printers is inseparable. The result of constant competition and comparison among many UV printer manufacturers in Shenzhen.

I have been working on flat-panel printers for 7 years. I have witnessed the Epson uv tablet from Epson's modified weak solvent tablet to a modified LED lamp to Seiko 255 head and head 1020 mercury lamp era independent research and development uv printer and then Ricoh g5 head Toshiba The current ratio of the ratio of the ratio of precision to stability is more than that of today's uv printing era of multi-functional applications. It has experienced the immature era of high-priced technology and then the technical stability is decent, but the assembly precision of sheet metal is relatively low, and the opacity is relatively high. Machine stable parts supply cost low precision high sheet metal quality international standards, it can be said that domestic uv printing has already reached the world's leading level, and sometimes have been asking yourself, is it also necessary to produce low cost uv tablet machine, because Nowadays, many guests are looking at the brand to see if the company's decoration is atmospheric, but I can't convince myself, because I have been in the industry for so many years, from the beginning of the uv tablet that I just wanted to do can not make it better now. Uv tablet machine, why should I do that, I have always believed in my profession, I am not a tablet machine of major companies. Clear, the advantages and disadvantages are well-known, just want to use my professional services to help each of our guests, we insist on making a better cost flat-panel printer, just for your praise in use, the core of today's Toshiba uv flatbed printer, professional In terms of points, first, whether there is a problem with the design and installation of the machine drive, that is, the X-axis and the Y-axis. Second, the electrical system of the machine is the circuit design and installation of a machine and the accessories used. Third, the ink supply system of the machine, the ink supply part is well done, there is no ink reflow, and there is no ink breakage caused by the ink supply system. Fourth, the core of the machine is the frame and beam of this machine, because the frame and beam are like the frame of the building. If the foundation is not well, how to build a strong high-rise building, this kind of equipment is also the same. It is the core key to determine the accuracy of a machine! If these points are done well, combined with the appearance structure design, more convenient operation, intelligent land occupation, small handling, convenient machine size, that is the product demanded by the market today, for example, our 9060 is the embodiment of market recognition, the service is more careful, intention, See who is willing to spend the cost, see who can be more timely, I hope everyone can understand the equipment you buy more clearly. Explain the hotline manager Liu 13691790915

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