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UV flatbed printer printed out how to solve the yin and yang road

When using a flat-panel printer, it will be found that when the tablet printer is used for a few years, there will be a deep and shallow PASS channel. This effect is very ugly and is called yin and yang. I believe that friends who have used UV flatbed printers have seen this. The problem may be that at first it may be thought that the nozzle is blocked or the static problem or other problems such as the image file. I have never known that the problem is actually the problem of the power of the UV lamp. Everyone knows that the UV lamp of the UV tablet is cold. The light source is energetic. As time passes, the energy will gradually weaken. As the energy is reduced and the wavelength of the UV lamp is used, the Ricoh flatbed printer will print out the same yin and yang road as the picture below. The solution is to replace the UV lamp. If the LED lamp is preferably an imported lamp, the service life will be longer.

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