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What you don't know about UV printers

UV printing refers to the process of the printer controlling the ink ejected by the software to reach the finished pattern, and then curing the ink to the substrate by the UV lamp (ultraviolet rays). This process is faster, more convenient, and less labor-intensive than traditional silk screen printing, and it can also print products with gradient colors and other silk screen printing. At the same time, it can complete customized, small-batch orders, and can complete a variety of customer choices. So how to choose in many UV devices?
There are a lot of UV devices on the market today, which are basically divided into two types. One is UV flat panel and the other is UV film. There are many manufacturers of UV printers now and the prices are uneven. Prices range from tens of thousands to millions of devices, so how do we choose equipment?
First of all, I think that when choosing a product, reason is the key, the quality of equipment is the most important thing, and the price of equipment is the next best thing.
Then I first talk about reason. Why do you need reason to buy equipment? When purchasing a device, we must first consider that this device is not suitable for itself, from the business, economic, energy considerations. The most important for yourself. A better product, if it is not suitable for itself, spends more money is lost, can only be futile. So it is recommended to find a tailor-made buy for you.
The quality of equipment is a top priority. Why do you say so? The ultimate purpose of the purchase of a device is to expand its business, make it profitable, and achieve a good harvest. If a device does not bring you profits, it will bring you a decentralized energy. Well, this device has already lost your original goal far away. This can be used for money. How to buy a good device here? You know that there are several types of industrial-grade UV nozzles on the market. They can be listed as follows: Konica 512 Konica 1024 Konica 1024i Ricoh G5 Ricoh G4 Epson Toshiba Seiko Kyocera and others. The above-mentioned nozzles are only generalized because the nozzles have many specifications. The basic parameters and specifications of the nozzles are not described here. There is a need to search for the corresponding nozzle on Baidu. Specific and detailed parameters are available for your reference.
Let's talk about the choice between devices with the same nozzle configuration. We know that for a device, the same nozzle, the same model why some equipment is expensive, and some equipment is tens of thousands of dollars cheaper? Then why are some equipment expensive and some equipment cheaper? First of all, we need to pay attention to several points when we look at a device: the stability of the rack, the details of the machine work, the control of the ink dots (that is, the control of the ink dots emitted by the nozzle), the smoothness of the machine, The completeness of the equipment (pre-sales - sales - installation - commissioning - training - after sales, etc.).
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Big Friends smart UV printer:
Machine models: 4060, 1610, 2513, 2030, etc.
Spray head configuration: Epson double nozzle, Ricoh G5, Toshiba CE4 nozzle
Minimum print size: 400*600 mm, maximum print size: 2.0*3.0 meters
Machine price: tens of thousands, more than ten thousand, two hundred thousand, thirty million! ! !
Uv flatbed printer for the industry:
Mobile phone shell, advertising, signage, processing, home improvement background wall, floor, furniture sliding door, ceiling ceiling, decorative materials, digital shell, charging treasure, U disk, packaging box, toys, handicrafts, lighters, shoe materials, luggage, decorative painting , oil painting, cosmetics, wine bottle box, panel, photo studio, photo frame, fishing tackle, home appliance shell panel, etc.

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