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Master 6 basic maintenance methods of Toshiba UV flatbed printer

In the daily use of Toshiba UV flatbed printers, it is inevitable that 9090uv printers will print blanks, cut off ink, and patterns are faint in production. Each problem will affect the efficiency and cost of users. When encountering these failures, you should How to solve it? Is it sent to a professional maintenance department for repair? In fact, we can solve some minor problems ourselves. The following is the intelligent friend Liu manager to tell you the common faults and solutions!

Common failures and solutions:
                                Failure one: UV flatbed printer prints blank
The UV printer does not print ink and prints blank. Most of these failures are due to blocked nozzles or ink out of the ink cartridge.

Solution: If the ink runs out, this is a good solution, just replace the ink cartridge and add new ink. If there is still a lot of ink, but the print blank appears, it may be that the nozzle is blocked, and the nozzle cleaning is required. Contact the manufacturer for consultation.
                               Trouble two: UV printer breaks ink

Some nozzles did not produce ink during the printing process. The reason is that the nozzle channel is blocked, the nozzle working voltage is set improperly, the ink sac is blocked, the ink problem, and the negative pressure is not adjusted properly.

Solution: Ink pressure, washing liquid flushing nozzle, adjusting nozzle working voltage, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning nozzle, replacing high-quality ink, adjusting proper negative pressure value.
                              Fault three: The print pattern of the uv printer is too light

The light color of the pattern printed by the 9060uv printer may be caused by excessively dry ink, incorrect ink model, air intake inside the ink delivery tube, excessive printer operating temperature, and clogged nozzles.
Solution: If it is the ink problem, just replace the ink. If it is the air inlet pipe, you need to exhaust the air before working. If the UV printer is too long and the printer's operating temperature is too high, we need to suspend work for a period of time and work after the temperature has dropped. If the nozzle is clogged, we need to clean the nozzle.
                           Fault four: the ink comes off after the printer finishes printing

This can happen because of incorrect coating, spraying the coating without cleaning the printing material, or printing work before the coating is completely dry.

Solution: Clean the printing material before spraying the coating or wait until the coating is completely dry and then start printing to avoid the problem of ink falling off.
                             Failure five: uv printer garbled

Phenomenon: The picture appears irregularly and randomly

Reasons: Inkjet data transmission processing error, trolley board failure, loose or faulty data cable, optical fiber failure, PCI card failure, picture processing problem.

Solution: Arrange the nozzles to test the individual nozzles one by one, troubleshoot the nozzles, replace the data cable (the nozzle data cable or the car board data cable), replace the car board / optical fiber / PCI card, and reload the screen for processing.

                      Malfunction 6: Universal printer nozzle (car) cannot be moved

Reason: The machine is offline; the servo motor of the spray head (car) is offline.

Solution: press the green switch to connect the computer and the printer; turn off the machine, restart and reset the motor after 10 seconds.

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