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How to choose the right UV printer at 5 o'clock

There are currently thousands of Toshiba UV flatbed printer manufacturers on the market, and the quality of the products varies. For those who are new to or want to buy, they need to consider many aspects.

The quality of a UV printer is related to the quality of the print. When choosing a UV flatbed printer, we should pay attention to its print quality, including print accuracy, print speed, color gamut, stability, hardware configuration, factory after-sales service, etc. Based on these points, print quality is the only choice. The best way to buy UV flatbed printers.
First: Understand the accuracy of this UV printer model
When buying, be sure to go to the factory to see the printing effect of the equipment, including color and finished product quality. Then use some simple test methods to check the printing accuracy, such as: 100 grid printing test, repeated printing border, cross, and Tic-tac-toe Wait until the machine accuracy is absolutely perfect before you can trust it.
Second: buy nozzles with stable performance
A good print head is the most important. The print head directly affects the printed picture. UV flatbed printer nozzles The most common nozzles on the market are Epson, Ricoh, Seiko, Toshiba, etc., which are essentially different. For example, printing accuracy and speed are different.
When making purchases, try to choose a nozzle with relatively stable performance. How to choose a good sprinkler? The most important thing is to choose the one that suits you, which must be determined according to your own capital budget and business needs.

Third: After-sales service is king

Such as mobile phones, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., since they are equipment, failures will inevitably occur. During the use of UV printer equipment, there will be problems of various sizes.

In general, in addition to the print head does not guarantee, other failure manufacturers need to provide corresponding after-sales service. Including free installation and commissioning, free training, maintenance of the machine foundation, troubleshooting during use, and machine operation training, etc., all should be provided by the manufacturer.

Fourth: 24-hour principle

The 24-hour door-to-door principle is the development trend of UV printers, which requires that the user's equipment be used within 12 hours from the manufacturer's service point. In this way, when the equipment fails, it can be resolved in a timely manner within 24 hours.

If it exceeds this time period, the first cause of loss is that the customer's order cannot be completed, and the second is the labor, site rent and other costs caused by the shutdown.

Fifth point: Don't buy cheap

Pay attention to the value for money. It is best to buy a UV flatbed printer at the same price as its value. Therefore, you should pay attention when choosing a UV flatbed printer. You can't just buy it because it is cheap, but also the benefits it can bring you. Pay attention to production efficiency, payback period, extended warranty conditions, value of gifts, supporting plans, prices of consumables, etc. when buying.

In the end, the editor-in-chief of the Bank of India suggested that in fact, we should comprehensively start from our own output, process requirements, and the cost of consumables. Compared with multiple manufacturers, it is best to test out various data on site, so that you can choose better.

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