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Five ways to improve UV printer printing speed / efficiency

Toshiba UV printers are becoming more and more popular in the market, but the printing speed of Toshiba UV printers has been a bottleneck. In fact, to improve the flatbed printer, you can increase the speed of the 9060UV printer from hardware to software.
Increasing the printing speed of Toshiba UV printers will directly improve printing efficiency and also determine the market share of UV printers.
So, how to increase the speed of Toshiba UV printers? The editor of the Bank of India introduced five methods for you: hardware upgrade, computer hardware upgrade, software setting, auxiliary mold, and nozzle feathering setting.

Method one: hardware upgrade
Upgrade from civil sprinkler to industrial sprinkler, upgrade from mid-end of industrial sprinkler to high-end and so on. In addition, the number of print heads also directly affects the printing speed, and the number of print heads is expanded. For example, the original print head has four print heads plus one white and five print heads, which has become 10 print heads, and two four-color print heads have two white print heads.
Another example is that the nozzles have been greatly improved from Epson nozzles to Toshiba or Ricoh nozzles, and the speed can be doubled directly.

Method two: computer hardware upgrade
When drawing, you need to use ps, AI and other software to improve the computer configuration, especially the PC computer's memory, which can greatly improve the drawing speed. In addition, improving the computer configuration can also effectively improve the data transmission between the computer and the device.

Method 3: Software settings
Generally, it is the printing mode of replacing the UV flatbed printer. Speed of sketch mode> Speed of production mode> Speed of high-precision mode> Speed of ultra-high-precision mode; After meeting the user's requirements for pattern color, choose the production mode speed or sketch mode speed as much as possible, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

Method four: auxiliary mold
In batch printing production, whether it is feeding, positioning, or taking these links. If you need to fiddle with one by one, it is a waste of time.
At this time, two sets of special molds need to be made for the material itself. When such a set is placed and printed, the other set places the substrate in advance. Can realize UV flatbed printer non-stop printing, the delay time between loading and unloading is greatly reduced.

Method 5: Nozzle feathering settings
For the new nozzle that has just been replaced, the degree of feathering of the print can be reduced, so that the printing speed can be several times faster. After the nozzle is used for a period of time, if the PASS channel is more obvious, increase the feathering. Although the speed is reduced, the effect will be good. Yes, the nozzle can still be used, reducing the cost of replacing the nozzle.

These five ways to increase the speed of UV printers allow printing companies to process more materials in a unit of time in minutes, bringing more benefits! Have you got these skills?

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