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How does the Toshiba UV flatbed printer control the white ink thickness in the spot color white ink printing?

Open the picture that needs to be printed (preferably CMYK mode). Use PS to build a special color acrylic back spray to control the thickness of white ink.

The following figure is an example. Establish channels, you can define spot colors (white, varnish), etc. We will explain them with white ink channels!

1, first we open a picture

Select the picture to be printed, and then click the new triangle color channel on the right side of the motor channel.

Then in the pop-up window density selection 100%, the density can be between 0-100%, which is the determination of the white ink output concentration.

The red part of the screen shows the spot color channel.
If the spot color channel layer is filled incorrectly, or if the selection is incorrect, it will directly cause the white ink to fail to output or the output position is not accurate. Please confirm the correct area of the graphic selection! ! Hide the four-color layer, we can see it more clearly. Remember to click on the four-color display just now and save it as a TIFF file.

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