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Causes and solutions for pulling the UV flatbed printer

Nowadays, UV flatbed printers have been used in many industries, but uv flatbed printers are prone to cable problems. This article will give you a detailed explanation of the causes and solutions of cable pulls.
Abnormal pull:
Auxiliary equipment abnormal nature pull line: refers to the lack of ink between the entire nozzle or a continuous number of spray points.
The reason and solution: the nozzle does not inkjet water or the UV flatbed printer lacks ink supply, or the ink is stuck on the nozzle due to the negative pressure of the UV flatbed printer. However, most of these pull wires are usually caused by nozzle circuit boards or negative pressure pumps and ink supply pumps. In general, replace the corresponding circuit board and vacuum pump. Of course, there is also a way to increase the frequency of the ink supply pump and periodically replace the filter to eliminate the abnormal nature of the auxiliary equipment.

Pull wire caused by air leakage in the secondary ink cartridge system

Because some manufacturers use the secondary ink cartridges with low-cost plastic secondary ink cartridges, because of the poor sealing performance, it is easy to cause the inner sealing ring to shrink through the ink and thus leak air. If the air leaks, the negative pressure will be abnormal. Inevitably will break the ink

Feather pull line:
Feathered pull wire: This kind of pull wire is generally a solid line or a white line which is obviously equidistantly arranged in the direction of the nozzle arrangement. The print head state diagram can observe that the stitching positions are overlapped, spaced or feathered.
The reason and solution: only need to check and adjust the belt to make the UV flatbed printer operate normally, and adjust the nozzle's spray point transfer position or adjust the feathering to solve.
Blocking cable:
The pull wire of the plugging property: the UV flatbed printer pull wire of this nature is generally a "white line" of a certain color channel fixed position, and there are many "white lines" in severe cases.
Causes and solutions: There are many reasons for the blockage. For example, the operation mode and environmental factors will cause the cable to be plugged. The uv ink is not evenly shaken, and the uv ink is added with some impurities. When cleaning, the nozzles are not standardized, so that the dust of the environment adheres to the nozzles. Use a sponge to clean other inks such as ink or glaze powder when cleaning and maintaining the nozzle.

When users use UV flatbed printers, pay more attention to observe, pay attention to daily cleaning to reduce the occurrence of cable problems, even if it does not need to be anxious, according to the above method, your own operation can be quickly resolved.

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