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Toshiba UV flatbed printer preparation and nozzle use tips before turning on

First, prepare before starting

First remove the nozzle protection disk (if any);
Clean the nozzle, clean the roller and the printing platform, and remove the foreign matter on the surface of the platform;
Check and maintain the emergency stop switch of the machine;
Check whether the moving parts are normal and the movement is not blocked. After starting the software, run and check the X-axis, Y-axis, cleaner, limit switch and emergency stop;
Turn on the HV voltage switch and select the menu "Print / Flash".
Check indoor temperature (200C -280C) and humidity (40-80%);
Preheat the print head and check the print head temperature.

two. Nozzle tips
Keep the working environment tidy and the body is not sticky to dust, because the dirty environment can easily allow dust to enter the main ink cartridge and then the sub ink cartridge, and then enter the print head again, affecting the print performance of the print head and shortening the life of the print head.
Strictly follow the nozzle maintenance operation procedures, the nozzle part of the nozzle is strictly prohibited from rubbing with any object, so as not to rub the surface of the nozzle.
Wipe the nozzle with the nozzle special wipe paper or non-woven fabric. It is strictly forbidden to use paper such as toilet paper to directly wipe the surface of the nozzle, because there are many small fibers on the surface of the toilet paper, which are easy to enter the nozzle. And dripping, which affects print results.


Every accessory on the machine has a purpose, do not remove it randomly;

Ensure that the air filters on the main and auxiliary ink cartridges are intact to prevent particles in the air from entering the ink. If it is blocked or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

Static electricity
The printer needs to be well grounded to prevent static electricity from affecting the print head;
Keep the working environment constant temperature, and the temperature should be controlled within 20 Co-28Co. Because the heat generated when the nozzle is working is mainly taken away by ink jet, and then discharged by the heat sink.
Keep the working environment within a certain humidity range (40% -60%). An excessively dry environment can easily cause static electricity to the medium, which will affect the print quality;
In short, the ground wire of the device, static electricity in the air particles, static electricity generated by the friction between the medium and the device, some leakage of the device itself, etc., will cause the body to be charged, which will easily cause damage to the main parts such as the nozzle and the motherboard.
The quality of the ink directly affects the picture quality and the print head. Choosing cheap ink does not mean lowering the cost, because poor quality ink is more likely to cause print head clogging, screen printing interruption, scrap, poor color, and return. Instead, it is more labor, material and financial;

It is recommended to use the inks recommended by the equipment manufacturers (agents), because these inks have undergone rigorous and long-term testing, which guarantees the equipment and the nozzles.

The film wraps the entire nozzle frame to prevent dust from infiltrating and reducing volatilization of the cleaning solution.

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