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What is the process of UV cold transfer printing?

UV pressure sensitive sticker

UV pressure sensitive stickers, also called UV cold transfer pressure sensitive stickers, crystal labels, it is first to print glue, isolation, patterns, hot stamping, varnish layer by layer on special PP release paper into patterns, trademarks, etc., and then Cover transfer film. Then the transfer film is used to bring up the pattern and attach it to the surface of the object.


UV pressure sensitive stickers can be divided into:
Three-dimensional UV pressure sensitive stickers: high gloss, high viscosity, strong adhesion, no post-processing, strong three-dimensional effect, smooth surface, scratch resistance, solvent resistance, and ultraviolet light resistance. Suitable for most hard paint products without post-processing.

Lightweight UV pressure sensitive stickers: high gloss, high viscosity, strong adhesion, no hand feeling, generally suitable for products with post-baking paint spraying. Such as fishing rods, helmets, frame, baseball bats, etc.

Flexible UV pressure sensitive stickers: high gloss, high viscosity, strong adhesion, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, good flexibility, and will not break when bent. Suitable for soft materials or large-curved decals. Such as plastics, rubber products, leather, shoe materials, luggage textiles, etc.



UV pressure-sensitive stickers are mainly used in: packaging boxes (gift boxes, tea boxes), plastics, metals, electrical appliances, sports equipment (helmets, bicycle racks, etc.), carbon fiber (fishing rods, rackets), woodware (ball sticks, furniture) , Handicrafts) and other objects irregular surface decoration.

After the product is formed, tear off the graphics and the transfer film from the release paper, then align the pattern to the transferred position and paste it on. After lightly pressing the surface of the sticker with your hand, tear off the surface transfer film to complete the transfer.


1. It saves labor. Compared with screen printing and transfer printing, if uv printing is used, one person can complete the printing, which can reduce labor costs for the enterprise;

2. Pollution is reduced, compared with the unpleasant and pungent odor of weak solvents and silk screen printing, although the uv ink still has a pungent odor, it has greatly reduced the pollution.

3. The advantage of personalized printing is outstanding. If you want to print any pattern, you can make the picture directly through the ps software.

The transfer decal paper industry has made rapid progress in adopting high technology, and the process is constantly changing. For example, bronzing, printing, and metal electroforming are now incorporated. The improvement of ink color includes gold-colored ink, anti-stamping ink, magic ink, color-changing ink, luminous ink, anti-counterfeiting ink and so on. Pressure-sensitive decals are not only pattern printing but also a kind of artwork.

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