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UV universal flat-panel printer curve effect

UV printer printer curve reflects the role of where? I believe many users to observe the scene when the printing equipment, will find the same pattern, the color of different materials actually changed. The reason for this phenomenon is that the printer curve is not adjusted.
Under normal circumstances a uv printer needs 3-4 curves. This is also the manufacturer in the sales of equipment, we must provide services to customers (modified uv printers excluded). The first curve is a universal curve, is commonly known as the curve can guarantee the same effect of printing on different materials. The second curve for the normal mode of production curve, according to the characteristics of the user's product, specially formulated curve. The third curve for the high-precision mode of the curve, is to meet the user needs to do high-precision printing. The fourth curve for the test proofing curve, for fragmented, single, a different number of substrates used in the curve. Of course, in addition to these four curves, there are other curves, big friend intelligence here is not one by one narrated.
Making a uv printer print curve itself is not difficult, under normal circumstances, mature technicians can be completed within 1-2 days, of course, the production curve to correspond to the international color cards and supporting equipment curve. If there is a special need, manufacturers also provide paid curve production costs, usually ranging from 300-800 yuan.
  If you are using the Shenzhen Dayou intelligent jet printing Toshiba UV universal flatbed printer we promise with customers, life-long database updates Gallery, life-long free curve for the customer.
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