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The international signage exhibition of guangzhou spring dipe printing equipment is over.

2018 advertising in the advertising industry in China, there is a company, shenzhen katsuhiro intelligence spray printing equipment co., LTD., shenzhen orson excellence technology it for many big brands custom logo system to provide the solution, with its excellent quality and exquisite technical won widespread praise. It has a team of hundreds of people advertising the elite team, which can provide the products and services that customers want with high standards. It also has lofty aspirations, vowing to be the best advertising sign service provider. With orson excellence technology co., LTD., specializing in the production of advertising equipment group chairman of the board of directors of the exchange, the reporter is particularly profound experience is - this is a step by step, from "good" to "excellence" of the enterprise. The machine shell UV printer embossed shell color printing.

; In 2018, the display advertising sign of the dipe spray-painting equipment exhibition is 3.3-3.6, which shows the owners of the machines from various industries. If there is a need to know more about the cost of process solutions, please consult 150 1246 1997 xiao zhang.
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