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In winter, if you don't do well, how to maintain the UV machine is in vain!

Winter is here, so how to maintain the UV printer in the fall is better, what are the precautions? The following small series summarizes some knowledge to share with everyone, I hope to help everyone, let the UV printer last longer.

Because most customers do not solve the grounding problem during the installation and use. In winter, the humidity in the air drops very obviously. Even in some areas, the humidity is lower than 20%, causing serious static electricity. The ink droplets sprayed before the printing, the direction changes to cause the paste phenomenon. If this phenomenon is not solved for a long time, the electrostatic voltage on the inkjet machine will reach 6~10V, which is very likely to cause damage to the nozzle.
Specific operation method:
Be sure to take the grounding problem seriously. The main operation method is to weld the copper plate. The copper wire is buried in the wet soil below 1.5 meters and the salt water is poured. It is best to use the entire line for the ground wire, do not have connectors, and have good contact with the machine;
The humidity around the machine reaches 40-60% relative humidity, so that if the printer rubs against the object to generate static electricity, it will also be transmitted from the air without affecting the ink droplets on the nozzle. The standard for purchasing industrial humidifiers is not to consume less than 4 liters per hour. If the ventilation is good, try to choose a humidifier with a water consumption of 6 liters/hour.
Some customers use electrostatic brushes to solve static electricity. It is also recommended;
Try to keep the indoor temperature constant;
Pay attention to changes in temperature and humidity when air is ventilated during operation.

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