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Mutu gold foil medal production equipment pile gold medal production process UV printing sand gold medal pile gold medal method

Mutuo Medal Gold Foil Medal Sand and Silver Medal Drawing Instructions How to use UV printer to print sand gold medals. With the increase of labor costs, the production cost of sand gold medals and gold medals is also high. The current popular medal production UV machine printing technology perfectly solves this The problem is that only one UV flatbed printer can print all kinds of signs, medals and nameplates without making plates.

In fact, there are three main steps to print a sand gold medal:

1. High-definition sand map file production (we provide high-definition sand map files)

2. Preparation of gold foil aluminum sheet material (we provide gold foil aluminum sheet material)

3. A UV flatbed printer with varnish printing function is required, preferably with high-definition nozzles

Some other details are the position of the varnish lamp and the distance between the nozzle and the light angle of the lamp. The sand gold medals of different sand particles can be printed after the thickness of the sand gold image file background.

The sand map file is designed, and the sand spot color is ready for 6090UV printer printing

After printing with this Epson XP600 head 6090UV printer, you can make the following effects:

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