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Crystal porcelain painting UV printer ice crystal painting UV flatbed printer wood painting production equipment

Crystal porcelain paintings and ice crystal paintings are currently widely used decorative paintings in the home improvement industry on the market. They are very well applied in the home improvement industry. They are printed on wood and integrated boards, and high-quality industrial original nozzles are used to ensure the printing effect and the length of the machine. Service life. It has advanced technologies such as intelligent two-way printing, automatic nozzle detection, automatic nozzle cleaning, and intelligent ink droplet change, combined with high-precision, precise positioning, and intelligent optimization and upgrading procedures to make printing easy and fun. UV flatbed printers can print any high-definition patterns you want to print on glass, tiles, leather, cards, T-shirts, stainless steel, aluminum sheets, slates, and even watch bands or glasses frames. Ensure that every piece of equipment is strictly inspected and tested by engineers before leaving the factory to ensure that the machine is 100% free of quality problems, so that every machine can produce the greatest economic benefits in the hands of users.
 Various curing methods are adjustable:
 Various curing modes such as single lamp, double lamp, immediate, delayed, etc. realize different curing effects of matte and high gloss;
 The curing control box with 3-4 level energy adjustment realizes different curing requirements of low heat and high adhesion.
 10 printing processes are available:
 2 kinds of embossing printing process: "color + white + color + varnish", "white + white + color + varnish";
 4 kinds of white printing process: "paved white background, spot color white, filled white, double white, partial varnish, all varnish";

 4 printing modes are available: double ink volume internal light, high-fall difference surface, smooth and no streaks, feathering and large ink volume.

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