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How is the reputation of Dayou smart inkjet UV printer? Who is Dayou Smart Boss?

The reputation of the UV flatbed printer produced by Otomo Intelligent Printing is very good. After all, the boss is also a predecessor of this industry. Not for those young and young designs. Please make the exterior look more beautiful. The actual internal structure of the UV flatbed printer is a mess and most of the accessories are made in China. The layout of the wiring structure is even more unsightly. Our Dayou smart UV flatbed printer adopts a full industrial design. Each printer is developed and designed by the boss himself. It is easier to find problems and easier to modify. Take our 9060 Toshiba industrial head UV. For printers, it is currently the most popular small-scale industrial UV flatbed printer on the market. It adopts a two-color configuration of Toshiba industrial nozzles, which has great advantages. Epson nozzles are easy to block the nozzles. Ricoh nozzles are also very easy to block. Ink use The cost is high, so we use the Toshiba head configuration, more durable ink, low cost, two-year warranty for the nozzle, and the theoretical service life is 5-7 years. Our 9060 adopts the upper and lower split platform push-pull hidden design, which is convenient for printing the cylindrical rotating shaft The fixture is hidden to facilitate the heightening and thickening of the printer.

9060UV printer finished products are as follows:

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