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How about the big friend's intelligent UV printer 9060?

How about the big friend's intelligent UV printer 9060? The 9060UV printer was developed at the end of 2018. The company's owner, Li Linjie, strictly controls the production and procurement of the R&D personnel from the design to the finishing and accessories. The accuracy must be within plus or minus 2 wires, and the accessories can be used with imported accessories. Accessories, until the beginning of 2019, the first dual-rail 9060 comes standard with 4 nozzle machines. During the company's testing process, it was found that the double-track sound was relatively large. Later, the beam was changed to a higher-precision gantry milling guide. The THK brand imported from Japan was used in a series of improved negative pressure positions. The official finished product improved second generation 9060UV printer came out in March this year.

9060 this UV printer main advantages: 1, the whole machine uses double negative pressure constant temperature ink supply, 2, the whole machine finishing parts gantry milling. 3, Y-axis adopts imported double screw 4, adopts Fuji servo motor drive, 5 platform hard belt suction function 6 adopts industrial configuration nozzle to be more stable and durable.

At present, in the whole industry, Dayou Smart 9060 is the top three in the industry in terms of appearance structure quality and other aspects. The industrial configuration is durable and stable.

9060 Toshiba UV flatbed printer has a long life and stable life. It is suitable for the current small model in 5-7 years.

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