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How to make gold foil wooden pallet medals? Pile of sands gold medal production process

Production mode

9060B uv flatbed printer has three main parts

1. Hardware part: frame, motor, guide rail, beam, drag chain, etc.;

2. Software part: sprinkler board, motherboard and other boards;

3. Program part: printing control software, driver software, color software, etc.

1. Assemble the hardware part, according to the assembly process from the base, frame, body, and head body hardware part. It is necessary to pay attention to the average size and accuracy of the gap during the assembly process, and the dial gauge is calibrated.

Second, the software part is assembled. After the main part is assembled, you need to route the circuit and the ink circuit, and then install the motherboard and the nozzle board to connect the circuit.

Third, the program is partially assembled. After the overall printer is assembled, it is necessary to test the overall running smoothness and stability of the UV flatbed printer. It must be connected to a computer to install the control software template that controls the printer's work before it is allowed to leave the factory.

Introduction content 2. Machine introduction
1. Machine model
 This model is a 90*60 flatbed UV printer with four nozzles, namely color, white, varnish, and coating nozzles
2. Model function
 On the basis of the sand gold UV printing, this model adds a wipe-free coating, which achieves the required firmness on various non-UV materials.
3. Different from other general UV machines
  General UV printers must be UV exclusive materials. In all types of signs, all materials, thickness, surface impurities, and UV relative to the material must be rubbed with the corresponding "firm coating". Our models are in addition to each material Under the premise of firm printing, it can also achieve exclusive special effects such as sand gold, wire drawing, and pile gold on each metal material, and achieve a firm effect.
4. Machine efficiency
  The company integrates a set of processing solutions, one machine can produce more than 120 pieces of sand gold medals, one hundred pieces of 40/60 stainless steel/bronze medals, and more than one thousand pieces of various signs.
Introduction 3 The concept of wipe-free coating
Since the inception of UV printing, we have faced a series of problems. Not all materials absorb UV ink. A series of advertising materials came into being to cater to UV printers, and extended a series of "coatings", but they are durable and beautiful. It is still difficult to meet the needs of customers, which caused an embarrassing situation in the sign industry that cannot be printed.
Our wipe-free coating UV printer is the first of its kind this year and our first model. It prints on some non-UV materials such as stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, glass, etc., without peeling, color fading, peeling, etc. It has also achieved that all the words that can be seen by the naked eye can be printed clearly, which maximizes the efficiency and minimizes the cost, and is committed to bringing advertising signs into the era of printing.
  The printed results have been tested for more than 48 hours (equivalent to 3 years of outdoor exposure) with 100 grids and UV weather resistance, and artificially accelerated simulated salt spray experiments.

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