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Gold foil sand gold medal equipment sand gold sign printer manufacturer? Gold foil aluminum plate manufacturer? How much does the Shajin medal cost?

Making sand gold sand silver big gold foil medals At present, Manager Liu of Dayou Intelligent will share with you his professional knowledge. There are only two crafts in the market. The traditional one is silk screen as we all know, which is costly and troublesome. Then the new process is the UV machine printing process. In terms of UV machine printing, it is not necessary to have a UV machine that can do gold medals. It must be professional equipment, craftsmanship, and coating.

The necessary process of Shajin medal UV machine printing process:

One, a Dayou smart 6090UV printer is needed. The configuration is three heads or four heads. One more nozzle depends on whether you need to print the coating or not. The three nozzles belong to the standard configuration of the standard medal UV printer. The combination of color, white and varnish can produce medals and signs such as sand gold laser cloth pattern. ,

two. A set of high-definition medal library is required. The search for a medal library is definitely not a free download of a library on the Internet. It must be a professional high-definition library. We all provide a complete set of sand-bottom library. You can directly modify the text content and output to the 9060UV printer For direct printing of sand gold medals, then the gallery must first have a fine and special high-definition sand bottom to meet the medal printing needs.

Three, need to have gold foil aluminum plate material, generally 600*400 gold foil aluminum plate, this is provided by our factory as well as suppliers,

Fourth, a wooden drag is needed. After the UV printing of the sand gold medal, it must be on the wooden drag frame to make the finished product.

The above is the approximate production cost of the sand gold medal. The production process of the sand gold medal is simple. For more detailed introduction

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