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Is the Toshiba UV flatbed beam guide rail used with one or two?

At night, Xiaobian has time and more flexible thinking to organize the work during the day. When I am nearing the rest, I think of a question about whether the UV flatbed printer rails are good or two. This problem has been controversial before. Until the company's production of 9060 Toshiba machine in the process of continuous testing, use the actual case to explain whether you are good or two good.

Xiao Bian does not analyze the Epson nozzle here, because the Epson nozzle machine head design is lightweight, so the cost factor is based on a single track. This paper mainly analyzes the industrial nozzles of Toshiba nozzles and Ricoh nozzles. The first batch of three of the Toshiba 9060 machines developed by our company adopts double rails. Because the industrial heads have always used double rails, many customers also think that the double rails are more than single. The guide rails are good, but in the actual application test, even if the double guide rails are used, the imported brand guide rails, such as silver and THK, have relatively loud sounds. Later, in the second batch of improvements, the company tested the use of a single rail and the width of the rail increased. Because the head of the small-format flat-panel machine is relatively light, the single-rail is enough to run. After testing, the motion noise of the single-rail is only ten of the double-rail. One of the points. The picture below shows the physical map of the Toshiba UV flatbed printer 9060.Phone 13691790915 mailbox

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