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How to use UV printing for silicone bracelet and silicone strap does not fade

With more and more customer application cases of silicone products, the market is pursuing a variety of color printing silicone, so the application of silicone printing is currently divided into two categories:

First, solvent inks. Solvent inks can only print white silica gel because they cannot print white. But the advantage is that the stretching effect is good, and the disadvantage is that it must be treated with flame.

Second, UV ink printing silica gel. The advantage of UV ink UV printer printing silica gel material is that it is not limited by the background color of silica gel and can print dark color silica gel such as black. Because it can print the white base first, UV ink watercolor printing silica gel is better than Eco-solvent ink printing silica gel is much more difficult in application. First of all, we must use our special leather high-stretch soft ink. The advantage is that it can be stretched and can withstand freezing tests at minus 10 degrees. The second is to use a two-component silicone coating with a baking process. The two-component coating is mainly to remove the grease on the silicone with a degreaser, and then test the silicone coating for baking. Finally, UV printing, the more famous Nuoji Digital in the industry currently uses our processing solution.

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