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Mutu Medal UV Printing Equipment Sand Gold Medal UV Printer Signage Printer Coating

Mutu medals and large gold foil medals have generally used UV printing in the production market this year. With the large market demand, the traditional screen printing of sand gold medals can no longer meet the low-cost, one-piece printing market demand. Traditional production of gold foil medals It can be roughly divided into two categories, one is to make sand gold medals by double screen printing on the gold foil aluminum plate, and the other is to buy a metal plate with a sand bottom and silk-screen text on it.

So today, Manager Liu of Dayou Intelligent will mainly introduce to you, we launched the UV machine sanding gold medal process, 9060 type coating direct-injection sign printer, and sand gold medal printer. What are the advantages of this printer? I believe you will also see it at the exhibition. I have been to similar machines. The advantage of this placer gold medal printer is that there is no need for plate making and color registration, and the film output does not rely on screen printing technology. A 6090UV printer can completely sign medals and print patterns on various plates. With a variety of sand gold medal pattern templates, you only need to edit the text, such as sand gold sand silver Great Wall style brushed cloth pattern and various medal effects. Purchase the metal aluminum plate, put the material on the printer platform, and edit the medal text content selection Good medal templates can be printed directly, and the newly launched four-head direct spray type can print the coating, so the adhesion will be better. Let's take a look at the effect of our Shajin medal printer.

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