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Mutuo sand gold medals high-definition picture download, drawing effect medal library download, medal signs 9060UV printer price

Shenzhen Dayou Smart Printing is a manufacturer specializing in the production of UV flatbed printers. At present, we have developed a Toshiba printhead 9060UV printer and an Epson XP600 printhead 6090uv printer for professional application of UV printing of logo signs, sand gold medals, sand silver medals, stainless steel door plates, and titanium Gold medals, piles of gold medals, etc.

First of all, let's talk about UV printing such as ordinary nameplates, signs, and acrylic office plates. These are routine operations, which are relatively easy to get started. You only need to import graphics files into the document to directly output and print with 9060UV.

But if you use UV printing to print the frosted sand-like medals like sand gold medals, sand and silver medals, it involves some special inks and functions of the high-definition library and the machine, such as the drawing effect medal printing image file and the laser effect image file I recently drawn. And the sand bottom gallery.

You can print various high-end drawing effects, sand gold effects, sand silver effects, cloth pattern effects, laser effect medals, etc. by using the above image gallery and printing on bright gold and silver aluminum sheets with our 9060UV printer.

The following is the effect of our 9060 delivery to medal customers, packaged and shipped

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