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9060 type coating direct-injection sign printer-what ink is used for wooden pallet medal printing?

Mr. Liu, a medal printer solution expert from Shenzhen, explained the secrets of medal label UV printing. First of all, he answered what ink many customers would use to make wooden drag medals? In fact, ordinary UV ink and varnish are used to make wooden pallets. Many customers will ask whether the varnish is flat? The medals are granular. Yes, the normal printing of varnish is indeed flat. Because the UV printer is designed to have a leveling process due to the dislocation of the nozzle, it will be flat after curing, but we don’t need this for sand gold medals. A flat varnish effect, we want to use bright color varnish to act as a proxy for the sand gold effect, so to achieve this effect is related to three aspects: the first gallery, the second varnish lamp structure, the third varnish curing lamp power, as long as the solution For these three problems, the varnish printing on the gold foil aluminum plate is the sand gold effect, and the gold stacking effect medal process is similar. When printing with the 9060UV printer, the yellow sand is printed on the image file and the varnish particles are then this is Pile of gold effect medals.

Let's take a look at the medal effect printed by Dayou Smart 6090 Coating Direct Spraying Machine Sand Gold Medal Printer
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