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Car Key Case UV Color Printing Machine Leather UV Printer Small Coil 6090UV Flatbed Printer

In the application of Toshiba UV flatbed printers and Ricoh UV flatbed printers, we roughly summarize the following:
   1. Advertising industry: production of various business gifts, arts and crafts advertisements, signs
   2. Industrial housing industry: TV housing, refrigerator housing, mobile phone housing, industrial panel, etc.
   3. Leather industry: bags, mobile phone covers, shoe soles, shoe uppers, insoles, and other related shoe factories print on products
   4. Electronic industry: U disk shell, cassette U disk, mobile power shell, etc.
   5. Handicraft industry: oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, grating three-dimensional painting, glass products, crystal products, printing products, etc.
   6. Decoration material industry: ceramic tiles, craft glass, screens, partitions, background walls, etc.
   7. Clothing and textile industry: advertising shirts, T-shirts, etc.
   8. Household industry: cabinet doors, closet doors, bathroom cabinets, and other furniture factory printing furniture
   9. Jewelry: eyeglass arms, eyeglass frames, headbands, hair clips, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry color printing patterns
  10. Photography: family portraits, wedding photos, personal portrait photos, landscape paintings, various hanging pictures
  11. Toys: factory printing products such as plastics and toys
  12. Printing industry: To undertake special printing services of large and small quantities

The following is the effect of 9060UV printer printing car supplies,

This is a 9000UV small guide belt machine suitable for UV inkjet printing of coiled leather soft film and flat sheet.

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