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How to avoid entering the pit when buying a UV flatbed printer? Explain in detail the precautions for purchasing 9060UV printer

With the increasing number of flatbed printer manufacturers and various types of flatbed printers, consumers are at a loss and helpless, and the endless tongue of salespersons has become the biggest factor of uncertainty, which affects the brains of consumers. How to choose 9060 and 1212UV flatbed printers? First, list some detection methods from the manufacturer as follows, I hope it can be helpful to your purchase.
(1) How to look at the UV flatbed printer. UV flatbed printers are basically rarely modified machines at present. Basically, the print head boards are purchased and matched, and the frame is independently designed and processed. The purpose is to reduce costs, and each is responsible for the professional field. With the increasing maturity of the tablet, the stability of the current device is not a big problem. It can be seen that the working principles of machines from different manufacturers are the same. Manufacturers who are capable of developing new machines can provide continuous backup forces to ensure that the printer retains the performance, utility and machine characteristics of the original machine to the fullest. If the technical content of the factory is not high, the capital and manpower are not in place, it will inevitably affect the performance of the machine and add trouble to the user's use. Therefore, when consumers choose flatbed printers, they should avoid the temptation of salespersons and low prices, conduct factory site inspections based on facts, and consult factory professionals for guidance and hardware. The purchase of the machine provides some help.
A customer once asked me that your tablet is the same as other products in terms of function, and the effect is not much different. Why is it so much more expensive than others. I answered him in this way. As a tablet machine, the target customers mainly use it for mass production. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, we are more concerned with its stability and industrial-grade service life. It must be able to withstand long-term high-intensity use, and the failure rate must be low. Therefore, in the selection of raw materials, we value quality more. However, some manufacturers use quality products in order to reduce product costs, and the selected accessories are all low-cost and inferior products. In the initial use, it is difficult to find the problem, but after a few months of running-in period, most of the equipment is dead. The remaining printing effect is also greatly reduced.
Below, I will introduce a few key points for choosing a tablet:
 (1) Learn to recognize the accuracy of the trace of the flatbed printer. Before buying the machine or when you are looking at the prototype, you can observe whether the flatbed printer moves evenly and smoothly, and whether there is abnormal sound when walking, and whether the meshing of the accessories is good. If the answer is yes, then this The accuracy of the Ricoh G5i nozzle 9060UV flatbed printer is good, and it provides a good guarantee for the accuracy of the flatbed movement.

(2) How to identify and protect the high strength of flatbed printers. Users accept flatbed printing because the machine can work continuously, provide customers with a basis for creating wealth, and continue to create profits for customers, which means that the machine is a kind of production Tools require continuous and high-intensity work, so the endurance of flatbed printers is particularly important, so how to identify and protect them? In addition to mastering general maintenance and maintenance skills, customers must also test the precision of the machine's flat transmission parts and the wear resistance and durability of the materials. Only good materials and sophisticated machining processes can be used for machines. The high-intensity work provides a good foundation. For example, Shenzhen Dayou Intelligent Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of design experience, and it pays more attention to reasonable design in the field of industrial equipment.

(3) Why do some companies provide belt drive in the flat-panel mobile system, while others provide screw drive? What kind of method is better for people? <br/>Here is mainly the Y-axis direction. Screw drive and belt drive are another very important technical indicator that distinguishes the stability and durability of flatbed printers. Some flatbed printers choose belt drive. Because the belt drives the paper in the machine with less friction and less inertia, the printing process is relatively quiet and the accuracy is average. The printing effect is not as high as the screw drive. The belt drive has its fatal problems. One is low strength. It is easy to break after continuous work, is not wear-resistant, and is not strong against pressure. Therefore, the belt has worn severely after about eight months to one year. If it is serious, it will affect the accuracy of paper feeding. What is more, the belt needs to be replaced. This increases the cost; the second is that the belt drive load capacity is not as good as the screw, and the screw drive has a load capacity of more than 50 kg; it is more competent for high-intensity production work. Moreover, the screw drive does not need to be replaced for life under the premise of correct use of lubricating oil for maintenance. Therefore, what kind of transmission mode directly affects the stability of the machine is a factor that users need to consider carefully.

(4) The stability of the nozzle is the most direct witness to the stability of the machine. Flatbed printers, as the name suggests, are printers, so it is particularly important to choose nozzles. At present, the mainstream nozzles are industrial nozzles, such as Toshiba CE4M, Ricoh G6 and G5 and so on. Whether the machine often breaks ink, plugs, or leaks ink during the printing process, you can directly know whether the machine is stable. A good flatbed printer has good quality in the ink supply unit. First, the nozzle is durable, and secondly, the phenomenon of plugging and ink breakage is relatively small. Of course, except for the ink supply and ink installation process, the production process will affect the machine nozzle. In addition to stability, the ink directly related to the print head is the most direct factor that affects the life of the print head. Okay, ink without impurities can ensure that the ink is unimpeded in the ink pipeline, but because the flatbed printer uses corrosive ink cartridges. The filter device is installed to better maintain the purity of the ink. This ensures the smooth operation of the machine. In addition, whether the user operates in accordance with the normal operating procedures is also a very important factor affecting the stability of the print head.

(5) The most easily overlooked key factor is the material and workmanship of the machine. This is the easiest to ignore, because many of this piece is invisible and is installed inside the machine, such as whether it uses first-line brand servo motors, guide rails, Whether the screw and main board have been tested by time, whether the drag chain cable is wear-resistant, etc., a good machine must have good work materials inside and out to ensure the quality of future use. This is the most critical element. Therefore, when choosing a machine, don't judge the quality of the machine blindly by looking at the appearance and printed samples.

(2) The printing quality depends on the machining accuracy of the printer's own machinery, as well as the pros and cons of adjustment, the ink absorption and fineness of the material, and the performance of different materials will be different.

(1) The mechanical processing accuracy test of the printing machine is the same as above.

(2) Universal uv printers are not omnipotent. Some materials need to be coated to enhance adhesion. The combination of a good coating and high-quality ink can provide a more vivid picture with smooth and full picture quality and full and solemn color. The strength of the coating depends on the material, the chemical nature of the inorganic matter, and the physical nature is very related. Because the machine is extremely widely used, we have adopted a separate treatment during the research process of the layer, but at present The basic physical properties of the coatings sold are manifested in relatively high hardness. Do not add a strengthening agent on the surface of the inorganic material to enhance the scratch resistance of the coating. Therefore, if the user's printing material is special, our company will also provide the corresponding equipment. Layer to provide convenience for your use.

(3) How to choose a reliable manufacturer to ensure good after-sales service follow-up? If you have done a more comprehensive investigation of the above content, and the answers are all yes, then you can start to involve the third step of selection, the manufacturer's choice. The users who use the flatbed printer are all to use this machine to create profits, so whether the manufacturer of the machine can provide good after-sales service and technical follow-up is very important. Dayou's after-sales service adopts a one-to-one after-sale service. Once there are any problems or questions in use, it can quickly dock and solve the problem quickly.

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