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The production process of placer gold medals and gold signs? How to make high-definition sand bottom files? How about the medal label printer

With the needs of the signage industry, from the perspective of the DPES exhibition in the beginning of the year, the UV printing of medals is a very popular project. From the traditional purchase of gold foil paper through silk-screen printing or direct silk-screening to make medals, it is now completely made with UV. Medals, low cost, one-piece printing, simple production, just buy a 9060uv printer, you can make medals, stainless steel, titanium, gold long plates, name plates and other signs.

Then, Manager Liu of Dayou Smart is here to share with you how to make a placer gold medal. It mainly requires two points. First, a small Uv printer with sand printing, and second, a high-definition library template, which must be lasered. Cloth pattern, high-definition sand and other lights, the text can be edited just CER file. 9060UV printer medal printing expert Manager Liu 13699780915 will decrypt and print the medal veil for you. We provide you with the high-definition sand template. Edit the text in the CDR and export it to the PS format. This step is very important for us. We need to create a spot color sand surface in the PS. Channel, and then export the TIF format, through our 9060UV printer supporting RIP color management software to output the printer normally.

The other is the material. The UV printing sand gold medal material is bright gold aluminum sheet or bright silver. We can provide all supporting materials such as aluminum sheet suppliers. Placing the materials on the machine table can print out a variety of sand, gold, and silver medal effects.

The following is the printing effect
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